Winning bidder who hasn't paid...

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After several years of trading on eBay I have encountered my first experience of a winning bidder not paying me.. I still have the item, have sent the 'winner' an invoice (end of auction 27th Sept 2012 - 8th of Oct as I write this). I'm actually not too bothered with the sale - although it's a rather large item I'd rather ship. It's just that the winning bidder is ignoring all my attempts to communicate regarding what's happening (via email and telephone calls). I notice they are buying other items and getting glowing feedback whilst I'm trying to get an answer.. I've opened an 'unpaid case' and await a response from the winning bidder but am not holding my breath. I notice sellers can't issue negative feedback so buyers can walk all over sellers such as me.. The winning bidder runs a business so I can't imagine they would tolerate non-communication from trading partners. I got a long winded explanation from eBay support about why sellers can't issue negative feedback.. Basically the poor buyer is protected from the truth in cases such as this. I need to know if a potential buyer has a history of slow or non-existent payment... Maybe my winning bidder will eventually pay up? Maybe if they do I might delay shipping the item and see how they like it... Rant over. Any thoughts eBayers...?
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