Wireless signals

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Marmitek products use different types of signals. Most Marmitek products even use different types of signals at the same time.

Here you can find more information on:
IR - Infrared
RF - High frequency 433MHz
RF - High frequency 2.4GHz
X-10 Mains signal
X-10 Remote controls

IR - Infrared
Infrared is a light signal that is not visible to the human eye. Infrared signals are often used in (standard) remote controls. Because light cannot travel through walls and ceilings, infrared can only be used when the equipment you want to control, is within sight. To let IR remote control commands travel through walls and ceilings, Marmitek has developed products that convert the IR signal to a high-frequency (RF) signal. This signal can travel through walls and ceilings.

The infrared signal transmits coded commands to control your devices. This coding can be done with different speeds (frequencies). The standard frequency is about 40kHz. Some brands use a frequency of 455kHz (such as Bang & Olufsen). Marmitek products can process frequencies up to 60kHz.

Technical information on infrared signals:
Range free field: max. 8m.
Range through floors and walls: none.
Capacity: negligible.
Infrared wavelength: 850-950nm.
Application: remote controls for equipment within sight.

RF - high frequency 433Mhz
A high-frequency signal can travel through walls and ceilings. Marmitek uses 433MHz high-frequency signals in several situations:

  1. To transport IR remote control commands through walls and ceilings. The infrared signal is converted to a 433MHz signal. When the signal arrives in the other room, it is converted back to the original IR signal.
  2. For wireless control of e.g. dimmers and switches.
  3. To communicate between sensors and surveillance systems (coded signal).

Technical information 433MHz high-frequent signal:
Range free field: max. 100m
Range through floors and walls: 10 - 20m
Capacity: max. 10mW
Frequency: 433.92MHz
Application: To transmit signals through floors and walls

RF - high frequency 2.4GHz/5.8 GHz
A high-frequency signal can travel through walls and ceilings. Marmitek uses 2.4GHz/5.8GHz high-frequency signals to transmit image and sound wirelessly. The frequency is so high that there is enough ‘space’ to send the entire image signal and the corresponding sound. There is no loss of quality as is the case with conversion to wireless signals.

Technical information 2.4GHz/5.8GHz high-frequency signal:
Range free field: max. 100m
Range through floors and walls: 15 - 30m
Capacity: max. 10mW
Application: Transmission of images and sound through walls and ceilings.

X-10 Mains signal
Marmitek X-10 signals make use of an existing network in your house: the electric mains! In the case of X-10 signals, the digital commands are transmitted via the mains. This means that you can install an extensive Home Automation system in your house without needing extra cables and wires. Click here for more information on Marmitek X-10

Range of signal via mains: between 80-200 m
Frequency: 120kHz 
Application: Marmitek Home Automation

X-10 Remote controls
By using the remote controls with an X-10 button you can control all Marmitek X-10 products wirelessly. These controls use 433MHz RF signals. You will need to install a transceiver module somewhere in your house (CM15Pro, TM13 or SC9000 surveillance system), which will convert the RF signal of the remote control to the X-10 signal that can be transmitted via the mains.

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