Wiring A Dolls House Using the Socket Strip Method

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 Wiring a Dolls House using the Socket Strip Method

You will need:

  • A Socket Power Strip -  either 6 or 12 depending on the number of Lights
  • Transformer
  • A selection of Lights - Lights usually have a wire and plug attached
  • A pair of small pliers



  1. Plan where the Lights are to be placed in each room
  2. Make a small hole to pass the wire from the Light through the back of the house
  3. Remove the plug from the wire attached to the Light - use pliers to remove the two pins from the plug
  4. Pass the wire through the hole you have made in the back of the house
  5. Refit the plug - make sure that there is good contact between wires and pins
  6. Plug directly into the Socket Power Strip - the Socket Strip can be stuck to the outside of the back wall of the house
  7. Connect the Socket Power Strip to the Transformer
  8. The Transformer can then be plugged into any normal household socket

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