Woodworking Items That Create Fabulous Works of Art

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Woodworking Items That Create Fabulous Works of Art

Whether you are working from new cuts of wood or repurposing old scraps, wood is a popular medium for creating fabulous works of art. This because not only is wood durable, the distinct colours and patterns in the wood ensures that every artwork is unique. In order to turn an ordinary piece of wood into a work of art, an artist must have the proper tools and items to complete the project. When getting started with this medium, people need a few basic items, and they may wish to add more to their toolboxes as they become more skilled in the area of woodworking. Learning about the basic tools and their functions allows shoppers to determine what they should buy now and what can wait until later. Whether the crafter is just a beginner or has been working with wood for years, all the necessary woodworking tools for measuring, cutting, carving, and finishing wooden art pieces are available for reasonable prices on eBay.

Essential Woodworking Tools

In order to create fabulous works of art, the artist needs to have the proper tools. When it comes to working with wood, there are very specific types of tools required. While several mechanised types of woodworking tools are available, artists and crafters can create more accurate and detailed works of art by using various hand tools. Because woodworking is a delicate craft, these hand tools allow crafters to have more control over the process. Depending on the type of project a person is working on, several types of tools may be required. The most important tools that crafters need for general woodworking are listed below.

Claw Hammer

Claw hammers are used to drive nails into wood. The function of nails is to hold two pieces of wood together. Claw hammers come in many different sizes, and each one serves a different purpose. Typically, claw hammers range in size from 200 grams to 900 grams. Heavier hammers are most often used for construction projects, but crafters and artists working with large, thick pieces of wood may use these heavier hammers. This type of hammer has a smooth and rounded finish on its head, and can have grips made from different materials. The grips can be chosen based on the comfort of the user and can be made from materials such as wood or rubber.

Hand Saw

A hand saw is needed to cut wood to the right sizes. Hand saws have teeth on one side and are pulled back and forth to cut through the wood cleanly. These types of saws are often used to make delicate cuts that cannot be achieved with a power saw. As with other tools, hand saws also come in various sizes depending on the size of the project the crafter is working on.

Combination Square

A combination square is used to measure angles, depth, and lines. It consists of a blade with an attached ruler. The head of the combination square moves up and down along the ruler for accurate measurements. The combination square is a versatile tool that is commonly used for measuring the wood itself, but can also be used to calibrate the woodworking tools and setting blade heights on saws to their proper positions. The most common sizes for combination squares are 15.2 cm and 30.5 cm.


A variety of chisels are available in many different sizes to meet the needs of multiple projects. Chisels are used to remove wood from the surface and carve rough shapes out of the outer layers of the wood. Chisels range in sizes from 6 mm to 20.5 mm, allowing crafters to work with wood of all sizes. The shapes of chisels vary according to the nature of the job. Chisels for rough chopping and accurate shaving are also available.

Tape Measure

When it comes to working with wood, accurate measurements are key. A tape measure is the best choice for this purpose. It is small and can easily be stored in a tool box. Likewise, it can extend for several metres, ensuring that it can be used for all projects large and small. One disadvantage to a tape measure is that it can accidentally be cut by a saw. Some people may prefer to have a metal ruler on hand for making such measurements.

Utility Knife

A utility knife is one knife that has multiple purposes both in woodworking and other types of art and construction. A utility knife has a single blade that slides out and locks into place. The utility knife is used for making marks in the wood. It can also be used to clean up areas of wood where a small blade is necessary. Utility knives are extremely sharp and have a thin blade that can be replaced with a razor blade when it becomes dull.


When making furniture or geometric works of art from wood, a level is needed to make sure that vertical and horizontal lines of the project are even. Classic levels have chambers filled with fluid and rely on the proper reading of an air bubble to ensure that the workpiece is level. Those who need a higher level of accuracy and have the money to invest can find laser levels to do the same job.

Sliding Bevel

The sliding bevel is much like a combination square, but its function is limited to just measuring angles. The head on the sliding bevel rotates and locks into place to make measurements. Because it locks into place, this tool is ideal for measuring and marking the same size angle over and over again.

Other Woodworking Items

The items listed in the above section are used for manipulating large pieces of wood by measuring and cutting pieces to the right sizes and shape for a project. Once the rough work has been done, it is time for the crafter to begin smoothing the wood and connecting pieces together to create the work of art. A few items are needed to complete this process.


Sandpaper is a sheet of paper with an abrasive stuck to one side. The sandpaper is used for polishing and smoothing the surface of the wood. It is available in a wide range of roughnesses, or grit. Rougher sandpaper is used for scoring the surface of the wood or stripping paint and finish from wood. Fine grit is used to create a smooth finish on the surface of the wood. It is used for the final touches on a project.

Wood Glue

In many woodworking projects, nails are not the ideal choice for attaching pieces of wood together. For these projects, wood glue is a better choice. This is a specially formulated type of glue that is designed for creating a tight bond between two pieces of wood.

Paint and Varnish

The final touches of a woodworking project are put on with paint and varnish. Paint allows the crafter to add colour to the project, but paint does cover over the natural beauty of the wood. Crafters who wish to emphasise the wood grain and natural colours may use a varnish or sealant to protect the wood and make it shiny.


The right brushes are necessary for applying paint and varnish to a woodworking project. Brushes come in all shapes and sizes for use on a variety of projects. For example, wide, flat brushes are easy to control and help beginners develop their brush skills. Brushes made from ox hair are soft and are good for applying paint and finish, and leave behind only minimal stroke marks.

How to Find Woodworking Items on eBay

Woodworking supplies, as with other types of art supplies, can be expensive. This is especially true if you have to buy all of your woodworking items at once. The items listed above are the basic items that you should have in your tool box. As you work on more projects and become advanced in your woodworking technique, you may find that you need other items as well. To find the largest selection with minimal investment, you should shop for these items on eBay. People from all over the UK list and sell their new and used woodworking items. With so many items to choose from, you are sure to find what you need and tools that fit within your budget.

Searching for Woodworking Items

The key to finding the woodworking items that you need on eBay is knowing how to search for them. Avoid a generic search for 'woodworking tools' and search for specific items instead. Perform a basic search by entering '1 inch chisel' into the search bar. This returns all listings for that particular tool. You can then narrow down the results by specifying different options and features to match what you need. Read item descriptions, view photographs, and compare prices to choose the woodworking items you wish to purchase.


Working with wood allows people to create three-dimensional works of art out of natural materials. Wood can be found everywhere, and people can make art from new cuts of wood, wood found in nature, and old scraps of wood from other projects. Working with wood involves the use of several specialised tools to shape and smooth a simple piece of wood into a fabulous work of art. Those who are just getting started may not know which tools are necessary or even how to use them. Taking the time to learn about the different tools and their functions makes the shopping process much easier. Stocking a toolbox with the essential basic tools ensures that crafters can hone their skills and learn the process more easily. As they progress, crafters may add other items to their woodworking tools. Shoppers can save money on the initial investment by only purchasing the basics and shopping the wide selection of new and used woodworking items available on eBay.

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