Words of wisdom from an autograph hunter

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I collect many signed football shirts and signed golf flags. I am a member of the Professional Golfers Association and so getting golf flags signed is far easier than getting football shirts signed. Words of warning when buying signed shirts. Football clubs have signing sessions for the players to sign a mulitude of shirts. These shirts are usually only for Charity etc. Any buyer claiming to be the exclusive company to get signed shirts is more often than not telling fibs. The exclusive company is the club itself. It is far easier to get a signed shirt by an individual player rather than a squad, as seeing players out and about is a usual practice and quite often players are willing to sign an item hear and there on such travels. I recently saw an x-Manchester United player signing a dozen items for a colector outside of a hotel. Most of tht top clubs now warn their players that people are trying to make money from signed shirts etc. At Liverpool I have spoken to a player who told me they try and avoid signing shirts outside of teh training ground as they know it is all too often for for a person to make money from. On golf flags a lot of the top players ask who it should be signed too. I speak of course of Tiger Woods. Do not buy any flags signed by Tiger, as he only likes to make it out to the bearer. If you go to a high street store and look at th eamount of money a signed shirt goes for then you may consider £650.00 +. This is taking into consideration a £100.00 frame so we are still looking at £550.00 for a shirt. If you are buying off ebay then you may wish to consider paying at least over £125.00. Stay away from the £50.00 buy it now shirts or the cheap no ones bid on it shirts. Theirs a reason their so cheap!
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