Work Out How Many Mosaic Tile Sheets You Need

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This simple formula will help you to calculate the number of mosaic tile sheets you will need to complete your DIY project

First calculate the size of one mosaic tile sheet - length x width (eg 30cm x 30cm = 900cm²)

Then calculate the area to be tiled - length x width (eg 90cm x 250cm = 22500cm²) This is the size of the back wall of my shower

Then divide the total area to be tiled by the area of one sheet (eg 22500 / 900 = 25)

So this tells me that I will need 25 sheets of the mosaic tiles I like to tile the back wall of my shower, how many do you need?

If your wall or floor is not a perfect square or rectangle then you will need to split the area to be tiled into sections and add the areas of the separate sections together

Mosaic tiles come in a variety of sheet sizes so you must make sure you have the correct info, you don't want to come up short and find out later that the supplier no longer stocks them.

Some sheets of mosaic tiles are a mix of sizes and are not as easily cut into the right size strips as you would be able to cut a sheet of uniform tile pieces

Make sure that you will be able to do your job with the least amount of cutting, and I don't mean cutting the gauze backing, I mean the tile pieces. For example if you need a 75mm strip it is best to use mosaics that have 23mm chip sizes. 48mm chip sizes will need to be cut and this will be a big challenge

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