Working With Crystals & Healing Stones - part 1

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With this guide I hope to introduce you to some of the basic points to consider when purchasing, and then working with healing crystals and stones.


The use of stones and crystals to aid health, good fortune and protection goes back towards the dawning of life and not just civilisation.  One can very easily imagine an early human finding a beautifully polished stone in a riverbed, and picking it up to keep - not because it has a meaning or higher purpose, but because of it's inherent beauty.  Over time humankind began to realise what different stones could do, and so the knowledge was passed on down the generations.  The use of certain "precious" stones is well recorded in many religions around the world from the biblical Jewish High Priest, to the Shiva Linghams of Hinduism today.

First Impressions

Firstly, don't take for granted what you read in books or on a website or even in an auction about the properties attached to a particluar crystal or stone.  They are just a basic guide as to what they can do, and not JUST what they are capable of.  You will find lots of different interpretations attached to each crystal and will sometimes think, "So which is the right one?", and the answer is usually ALL of them.  Metaphysical properties have been passed down through the centuries, and also by sensitive people in the near past who work closely with these healing stones, so you will find a lot of different meanings and will have to sift through them yourself.  This is where the fun begins!


The best crystal to start you off is just the bog standard clear quartz crystal, and it doesn't haven't to be anything fancy!  Either go to a shop that sells them or mooch around websites to find them, and then buy one.  Some people will tell you that when your crystal is ready to be found it will suddenly appear or make it's presence known, but don't feel that this means you can't buy on impulse.  A lot of the crystals that I currently own have been bought because I thought they looked lush and beautiful, and that I just had to have it!  If you like the look of something then get it, even if it's yet another cluster and you already own a dozen of them!  So start off with the universal clear quartz crystal as it is probably the most abundant crystal you will find, and also the easiest to work with.

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