World Snooker Ticket Buying Guide

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World Snooker Ticket Buying Guide

All over the world, snooker fans eagerly anticipate the yearly World Snooker Championship that is hosted at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield. Here, amidst a crowded room, the best of the best in snooker battle it out until one of them is crowned victorious. Snooker is believed to have originated in India during the 19th century when a group of bored British Army officers played billiards during a particularly bad monsoon. Today, it has grown to a major international sport that are followed by over 200 million fans all over the world.

While there are many people who profess to love snooker, the difference between a casual fan and true fan of the sport is that the latter is willing to spend money to see these competitions in person. Those who are intent on purchasing World Snooker tickets should know the different types available, because some tickets have other inclusions aside from just a seat for the game. For those who are going to Sheffield for the first time, it is also important to be familiar with the Crucible Theatre and its surrounding area.

World Snooker Tickets

World Snooker Championship tickets, or World Snooker tickets as they are known to most people, can be classified based on the stage of the event and the general ticket types along with their corresponding package inclusions.

Ticket Type Based on Package Inclusions

There are three general ticket types that are being offered for sale: standard, premium, and hospitality. Below is a quick description of their typical inclusions.




Ticket Availability


Session ticket


Round 1; Round 2; Qualifying Final; Semifinal; Final


Session ticket; event programme; arrival drink; goody bag; event poster; commentary radio; dedicated bar area; picnic box


Semifinal; Final


Session ticket; three-course meal including drinks; Snooker Legend appearance; arrival and interval drink; event programme; goody bag; commentary radio; event poster; photo opportunity with World Championship Trophy


Semifinal; Final

Choosing from among these tickets depends on personal preference. While some fans are okay with simply watching their idols onstage, others prefer to have the full hospitality experience that includes a meet-and-greet with a Snooker Legend.

Ticket Type Based on Stage of the Game

Snooker tickets get incrementally higher as the final event draws nearer. The following is a table that illustrates the format specifications at different levels of the game.

Stage of the Game

No. of Players

Best of No. of Frames


Round 1




Round 2
















Snooker fans choose to watch particular matches for a variety of reasons. Some are there to support particular players, while others enjoy watching the final event to find out firsthand who gets to bring home the championship. There are also fans who watch the entire championship from start to finish.

The Crucible Theatre

The World Snooker Championship was first started in 1927 by Joe Davis. It was played in various venues with the final match taking place in Birmingham, specifically at Camkin's Hall. Since 1977, however, it has been held at the Crucible Theatre. Built in 1971, this theatre features a thrust stage that allows the viewer an intimate look at the performers despite having a 980-person capacity. For tournaments such as these, this has served its purpose well because it allows the audience to get the close look at the snooker balls.

Getting There

The Crucible Theatre is located at 55 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, S1 1DA. Fans who plan to watch the World Snooker Championships should be pleased to know that that there are many ways of getting there; bus, tram, car, or train.

Mode of Transportation



Get off at these bus stops: High Street or Arundel Gate. The former is 300 metres away from the theatre, while the latter is only 50 metres away


Get down at Cathedral or Castle Square. Both these Supertram Stops are about 400 metres away from the theatre


Go straight to Charles Street and look for Q Park for the parking area. Input "S1 2NB" on the satellite navigation system. Walk to Tudor Square where the main entrance of the theatre is located


Hop off at East Midlands Sheffield station and take a short walk to the theatre. Take Howard Street and cross on Arundel Gate. Take the ramp at the right of the Millenium Galleries. Go straight along Surrey Street until the Crucible Theatre appears in plain view

Picking the mode of transportation depends on individual preference as well as personal budget. While the theatre is only a short distance from the bus, train, or tram, those who do not enjoy walking may hail a taxi to bring them to Crucible directly.


Snooker fans may park at Q Park on Charles Street, coordinating with the Front of House team or the Box Office to avail themselves of the free one-hour parking voucher included with the theatre ticket. Q Parking is also easily accessible by persons with disabilities, specifically wheelchair users.


People who wish to grab a quick bite before the game may do so at Crucible Corner or Cafe Crucible.The former is open from day to night and can be found on Tudor Square. The latter, on the other hand, is just at the lower foyer of the theatre, making it easily accessible to those who only have 30 minutes or so to spare before the game. Fans who are not in a hurry may also explore the area for other restaurants, pubs, and refreshment options. Ask the Front of House team for restaurant recommendations, or request information about their partner deals for significant discounts.


Out-of-towners who plan to stay a while but prefer to stay near to the Crucible Theatre may go for Best Western Cutlers Hotel, Mercure Sheffield St. Paul's Hotel, Best Western Regency Hotel, Grosvenor House Hotel, Novotel Sheffield Centre, and Ibis Sheffield City. All of these options are just 500 metres away from the Crucible. Additionally, the theatre staff may also be consulted about their partner hotels where snooker fans may be able to get discounted rates.


Wheelchair spaces for persons with disabilities are available in the auditorium. People who wish to book a spot should coordinate with the theatre. Lift access and level access are available in different parts of the building. Toilet facilities tailor-made for the wheelchaired individual's special needs are also available. For further requests, the theatre staff should be able to help.

Shopping for World Snooker Tickets on eBay

If you are a snooker fan looking to score tickets to the World Snooker Championships, consider making eBay your first stop. Go to the eBay home page and key in "World Snooker Championship tickets" in the search box. If there is a need to reset your search, do not worry since the search field can be found on each page. With eBay, those who wish to see the game do not have to brave long lines at ticket booths. Purchasing tickets can be done at home, in the office, or even on one's mobile phone.

Another reason why eBay is attractive to many shoppers is the ease upon which other tickets and packages may be purchased. Instead of having to line up in front of multiple ticket booths or entering credit card details on multiple websites, eBay can book train tickets, car rentals, and hotel accommodations as well. Some shoppers may even be able to get all of these below face value from sellers who just wish to dispose of them because they cannot use them.

Before purchasing the snooker tickets from the seller, however, a crucial question to ask is if he or she used a debit or credit card to pay for his or her tickets. This is crucial for sellers who do not send the ticket directly to the buyer, but ask them to pick it up from Crucible Theatre itself. The theatre may request to see the payment card used to buy the tickets and deny entry to the buyer.


There is nothing quite thrilling as watching two world-class snooker players duke it out in the Crucible. Fans who want to see for themselves instead of being glued to television should think about purchasing World Snooker Championship tickets. These tickets are available in standard, premium, and hospitality. There are also a total of 31 games to catch from Round 1 all the way to the Final. As more players get eliminated, the higher the price becomes for these tickets.

Since 1977, the World Snooker has been played at the Crucible Theatre at Sheffield, England. People who are travelling just to watch this match should find the place accessible through bus, tram, car, train, and taxi. Around the theatre, there are many suitable places to park, dine, and stay for the night. For persons of disability, the Crucible Theatre is also equipped to deal with their special requirements. When purchasing World Snooker tickets, consider doing so on eBay. This one-stop shop allows the shopper to buy the tickets and book all his travel requirements all in a single place. Whether purchased through a mobile phone or at desktop computer at the comfort of one's home, eBay makes planning for the trip to watch all the snooker legends easy and hassle-free.

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