World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Loot Cards

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Loot Cards for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game are very popular, but there are a lot of auctions which are made simply to make people buy items which are actually scratched.

Lets take the Spectral Tiger loot card for example.
The title could be one of the following:
Spectral Tiger - Loot Card
Spectral Tiger Loot Card - Not Unscratched
Spectral Tiger
Ultra rare Spectral tiger Card

All of these titles could easily mean the card is scratched. A common one is placing unscratched in the title carefully, for example:

Spectral Tiger Loot Card - not *UNSCRATCHED*

Already, this could fool a lot of people who view these auctions, who are usually of a younger age, preferabbly under 18.
Now, for the people who don't fall for that, there is the description.

The bad seller will always attempt to put the fact that it is scratched somewhere where you wouldn't always look, usually at the bottom of the auction?
The bad seller will place pictures of the card unscratched with the gold strip displayed, and also display pictures of the Spectral Tiger ingame?
NO! This is not correct. UDE does not allow the code to be displayed, and therefore the image of the unscratched card is more appropriate.And the ingame images simply help the auction look better. It is up to YOU, the buyer, to read the auction, including the written description to see if the card is scratched or not, as they will say it somewhere!

I made an auction selling my very own scratched loot card, to see different peoples responses. I placed a picture of the tiger ingame, but at the bottom I made some changes. I made sure I didnt say unscratched anywhere on the page. I made sure the first bit of writing said it was a scratched card so people realised. I then also said the card cannot be used to redeem a mount ingame.

A lot of bad sellers will only put "Scratched card" or something alike at the bottom. This then protects the seller. So always make sure you read the ENTIRE auction completely.

My own card sold for £100 to someone in the US. I made sure the Buyout price was £100, which is much lower than an Unscratched card would be. If its that low, its most probably scratched, so read the auction CAREFULLY!

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