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This is my first guide on eBay, and its about wrapping.

I find that wrapping an item for a customer, adds a nice personal touch to finish a transaction. Hvaing worked in retail for many years, I actually enjoy the wrapping process and how it leaves a nice last impression on the buyer.
How I like to wrap is simple yet effective. Normally do a double layer of wrapping: one with tissuse to protect the item firstly and then a double layering of strong brown paper.
Depending on how heavy your item is obviously you can change the way you finish the item, even perhaps using twin to hold the item together before wrapping and shipping.
With christmas coming up its great to get practice in now for your presents for loved ones too, theres loads of great guides on youtube if you get stuck, but i highly reccomend develpoing nice wrapping skills, presentation after all is key!
Little things like this will hopefully make your buyers day :)

I have recevied great feedback on my wrapping skills - so try it today! Fold clothes in tissuse, then brown paper and if you need to pop it in a box! Done!


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