Wrapping and packing.

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As I sell on Ebay the importance of excellent wrapping and packing is essential.
I am also a regular buyer so I see this from both points of view.
As a seller the single most important thing is that your/mine item arrives in the same
condition it left in.Otherwise what is the point of watching, waiting and bidding
if  little or no care is put into its final delivery.
My rule of thumb is if in doubt double box and do not skimp on protecting the item you have just sold.
It can be very time consuming answering emails from disappointed buyers and then dealing with the
claim, all that form filling. The best way to avoid this is to ensure you never have to do it.
Try where ever possible to use double walled boxes, or line out your single wall box with extra cardboard.
From experience the single most frequent cause of breakages is trying to cram your large item in a small box.
Use bigger boxes with more protection.That way your item is in the middle of the box and protected from all 4 sides
From the buyers point of view, I want my winning item sent to me as cheaply as possible, as every penny counts towards its final cost. I choose 2nd class it takes up to 7 days to arrive and when it does its broken. It was well packed but yet it still arrived damaged. Here in lies the problem. If my item had only been in the postal system for 24 hrs instead of  up to 168 hrs it would have stood a much better chance of arriving in one piece. Please remember our postal workers handle thousands of  parcels every day. To them its just another brown box to be handled. The longer it is in the system the more it is handled. As a buyer I need to understand as in life you get what you pay for and need to absorb some of that risk if we choose cheaper services. There is a reason they are cheap. We could argue that if it it well packed it should not matter if it takes a month to arrive, it should still be in one piece, I am on this side of the fence, however what is the answer. From my own experience I prefer to send and receive my items by first class only. If it then arrives damaged I do not think it is too much to ask for a full refund. As the buyer I do not want the hassle of making a claim myself, and it is a hassle, not as straight forward as people would have you believe. So many sellers try to walk away from this responsibility and hand the baton to the buyer. This is wrong as the sellers we are responsible for the safe delivery of your item. The contract is between the seller and the postal system not you
and the postal system.
As a seller I have always taken this responsibility seriously. I have only had to make one claim for missing not damaged goods. It was like pulling teeth and stressed me out no end. The claim was eventually settled it took 4 months, then 3 days later the goods arrived. !!!
My personal policy is to refund in full, if my items arrive damaged. I spend time and money on good quality materials and I use plenty of them to ensure this does not happen.
Having sent valuable fragile items all over the world without a single breakage I like to think I have got it right. My feedback reflects this and it is really nice to read so many complimentary comments  from happy buyers.
Thank you all for your support.
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