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My son has recently written a book that he is going to self-publish on Amazon. I find it fascinating and want to share it with you.

He has never written anything in his life so I was surprised when he told me he was writing a book with his best friend. They had decided to write a book based on a fictional politician who is career minded and ruthless in achieving what she wants. I have read his first book and have to say I really enjoyed it. It is quite nostalgic as it talks about old TV programmes such as Are You Being Served? and Dads Army. The sex scenes with the 18 year old footballer are all very saucy. I do not think I will ever eat a pork pie again without thinking of how it was used in this book. Even though it has a murder in it the book is an easy read. Quite where he has got all the ideas from I do not know but good on him!

I really like how technology enables people to publish their own books at no cost and the whole World can see your efforts. He has already started writing the second and third books in the series, I want to follow in his footsteps. His tips to me were:

1. Write about something you know about or enjoy. (he hasn't murdered anyone!)

2. Be descriptive but make it fun.

3. Get a good e-book cover designed.

4. Publish on Amazon and other sites.

5. Price the book cheaply. For example a price point of 79p.

If there is anyone out there who wants to read this funny book with a hot footballer, steamy sex, Dads Army, pink gin, gingerbread men and pork pies all featuring in it please let me know and I will pass you the link.


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