Writing your own eBooks to sell on eBay

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Those who sell eBooks on eBay generally focus their efforts on the sale of material written by others.  The eBook seller purchases resale rights to other eBooks and then offers them for sale in an effort to generate a profit.  However, some sellers also write their own eBooks and the results can be very impressive.

Writing your own eBook to sell on eBay can be a great way to make your eBook project more profitable.  Self-authored titles have a few advantages that warrant consideration.

First, in an increasingly crowded market, fresh new products really stand out.  A new eBook on a hot topic can post impressive sales numbers right away, as customers are clamoring for new information and fresh perspectives on a number of topics.  By producing your own eBook you can insure that you are the only seller offering the product and that you are selling an eBook custom-built to match their understanding of the marketplace’s needs.

Second, self-authored eBooks provide a chance at making every sale a long-term residual moneymaker.  You can include links back to your own websites or eBay store as a means of directing qualified traffic to the site.  A well-crafted eBook can also serve as a wonderful place to introduce a series of affiliate links that may result in later sales netting the you a commission.  When you sell an eBook written by someone else, you usually do not have an opportunity to take advantages of that impressive form of revenue creation.

Third, self-authored eBooks can give you a boost over the competition by building your personal credibility.  There may be a score of people offering an eBook on widgets, but if you are the only author personally offering your take on the topic, you will have a significant advantage in terms of credibility over your competition.  This increased perception of expertise will often directly translate into sales.

Of course, the eBook can also be sold in a variety of other venues, increasing its value to the seller even more.  EBay sales may be only one of many potential areas in which you own eBook is offered.

Writing your own eBook is not an easy task.  There is research, writing, compiling and a variety of other skills and time-consuming measures involved.  It is also not necessarily a perfect fit for every eBook seller on eBay.  Some sellers are not interested in writing or simply do not have the requisite skills required to author their own eBook.  These people may want to consider hiring a freelance writer or ghostwriter to produce an eBook or to pursue different avenues within the eBay eBook selling marketplace.
However, if you have the skill to produce, or the willingness to commission, a unique eBook you can profit tremendously.  Selling eBooks to which you and others have resale rights can be profitable, but exclusive ownership of your own title gives you an advantage over eBay competitors.
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