X-Box 360 - Don't Get Scammed This Christmas!

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Hi there,

I've wrote this guide to help newcomers (and seasoned users) to avoid being scammed this Christmas when it comes to purchasing an XBox 360.

It really boils down to using your common sense when reading the listings here on Ebay. If a listing looks to good to be true THEN IT PROBABLY IS!

Here's how some of the scams work. The seller includes a full description of an x-box 360 along with pictures fleeced from Microsofts site. The bidding starts at only 99p but what you've failed to notice is the small text at the bottom of the advert stating:

This listing is for an ebook of x-box cheats


This listing is for information on how to obtain a free x-box 360


This listing is for information on Police auctions where you can get an x-box 360 at a discounted price.

I have seen these adverts on Ebay with bids over £300!

So please be careful this christmas when choosing who to buy from. Look for good feedback reviews from previous customers (make sure the feedback is not for an ebook!) Make sure the seller is in your country to avoid high postage and tax costs. If in any doubt contact the seller for clarification. A legitimate seller will always get back to you whereas a scammer probably won't.

Take care and have a great christmas
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