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This is a warning for all you ebayers who have bought or are planning on buying XBOX 360 games on ebay. Many sellers are selling games which they have aquired that are not UK games, they are PAL games but are classed 'NOT FOR SALE IN THE U.K.' and 'FOR DISTRUBUTION OUTSIDE THE UK ONLY'. These games are for sale in the likes of Sweden, Norway, Holland, france etc. Althought you may be able to get them cheap, they are infact worthless in the UK, if you play games and trade them into your local high street gamming shop, they will NOT accept these games, the barcode is different and they would be breaking the law if they did sell them.

So if you have bought a game like this, check the description in the item listing and if anywhere in the listing it states UK GAME or UK PAL you have been conned into buying a cheap game and according to your buyer rights you should be intitled to a refund from the seller (please check ebay help for information on this). If on the other hand you are going to resell your game on ebay you need to state that it is NOT a UK game otherwise you may end up with an unhappy buyer.

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