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Right if your console is showing no picture, the way i fixed this was by taking the console apart removing the heat sinks, reapplying new compound (the best i found was artic silver).Now before you sit the mainboard back into the metal case i cut up a normal rubber (the ones like you used at school) into four pieces about a 2mm thick,then i glued them into the bottom of the metal case around were the two x`s are moulded into it, then you  sit the mainboard back in and  put all the screws back, Next take the fan out of the holder its in and sit it on top of the cpu, not the gpu the reason for this is because if the cpu overheats there is nothing you can do to repair it.Now turn the machine on for a bought 10-12 minutes and let the machine overheat its self.usually two red lights will appear now turn the machine off let it cool down for abought 10-15 minutes.put the fan backin the holder cross your fingers and turn the machine back on hopefully your machine should now be back up and running..
I have fixed five machines this way and i havent had one back yet.........
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