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I got a xbox 360 elite and well i love it.i wouldn't trade for anything, not even a ps3. all my friends have got the ps3,either they went and got it or they sold there xbox to buy the ps3. everyone who has experienced both say Xbox 360, for those fanboys who are not open to giving the other one a try are missing out. Yes the ps3 has the better spec but, everything else xbox wins hands down. appearance yes some say the ps3 looks nicer but honestly, with the elite it is beautiful in black. the xbox is smaller height and width and also isn't as heavy. Games There is more games on the xbox and some very good exclusives on the 360, yes the ps3 does have some good games but apart from Gran Turismo 5 and Metal Gear Solid 4 there isn't much else Online everything you can do on the ps3 online you can do on the xbox plus more, it has a greater community and more downloadable content. yes the xbox live does cost but considering it is a much better package its worth the small fee of 35 pounds a year. Features The xbox is soon to be getting a new dashboard which allows those witha netflicks account to stream hi-def films through there console onto there tv, they can also get blue-ray films, although the quality would be the same as that of a blue-ray player although it will be similar and take into account you dont have to pay all that money for the blue-ray disks. also the ps3 offers a service called home which is also inculded with the new dashboard. Problems Since i got my xbox 360 elite at christmas 07/08 i have not had a single problem with my console. although my friend has had a problem with his ps3. And even now the cost for a basic version of the xbox is only 130 pounds where as a ps3 basic 240 pounds that 110 pounds of difference.
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