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X Disk MP3 Player 1/2/4/8 GB MP3 Player Review
I have always thought of myself as a generous reviewer, until I started working on this review, now it turned out to be a guide, because I can't add another review as the product is not listed in the review page (!) and you may found this product in many names. Well, of this product, I find it difficult to give even a single star. So, let’s go straight to the point. This is one of those products you’ll get regret as a freebie and makes you moan that you should have paid a bit more to get a decent product. The product comes in many names like XDisk, Touch Screen MP3 MP4 FM VIDEO MEDIA PLAYER, LCD MP3 Player etc. All are the same cheap imitations. If it's a cheap mp3 player boasting a touch screen then it's probably one of those clones.
X Disk is really cheap when compared to most other mp3 or media players, but cheap means cheap in all aspects, from ergonomics to quality. You’ll get an 8 GB digital media player for £30 and the postage is around £7 (In my case, there was no insurance or signed delivery, so add the postage charge as a pound and the rest goes to the player price so it’s £36 for the player)
If you want to experiment with an mp3 player, or wanted to give a present to your pre-teen kid as a toy, or use as a storage device for it’s 8 GB capacity then go for it, even though you’ll get those products much cheaper. However, if you want a decent mp3 player, don’t even think of buying this product, because it’s "cheaper" than others.
The picture looks great, but when you actually get your hands on it, you’ll find the product is uneven, unfit, badly designed and produced. The on and off button, cover of expansion card slot, screen – alas, every single thing are ill fitted. The on and off button seems half out of the set, the expansion slot cover seems cut out by hand, not closing properly. The screen, well though it’s really a touch screen you’ll have to jab it, sorry no stylus with this one.
The Display
Well, I am sorry to say the display is pathetic, the welcome screen looks like someone worked it on MS Paint, it’s like a bitmap image of a flower with XDisk written on it and when you switch off, you’ll see a Goodbye in Comic Sans MS font. The menu too is ill designed and some of the programs are still a mystery. The games has only one game which is Blocks and if you are playing blocks you have to be very patient as you wait until each block slowly fall, there is no button to drag it down faster. In Music player, the pause symbol is the play button and the play symbol is the pause button. Display is 320x23 dot matrix 260K – colour.
The media player supports MP3, WMA and WAV audio formats and MPEG-4 AVI video format and the performance is better than average I should say. For the image files it supports JPEG, GIF and BMP formats.
It has some preloaded programs. The audio files are Lionel Ritchie’s Say You Say Me and Britney Spears’ Hit Me Baby One More Time. The video (avi) file is French singer Alisee’s Madonna hit “La Isla Bonita”, which is a YouTube rip off.
XDisk comes with a manual, a CD which is a small CD, part of a bulk CD pack, contains Adobe PDF version 6 (even if you’ll want to install this old version, remember it’s CHINESE!!), Lyrics Editing Tools folder has Winamp 5.1 and Lyrics Setup (both programs corrupted so installer won’t launch), Rock USB Driver, and AVI Conversion package (Chinese – English)
Battery Life
No matter how long you’ll charge it, it won’t charge fully. And if you’ll play it continuously, it will last long for two and half hours at the maximum. If you turn it off after the two hours, sorry, it won’t start again until you recharge it.
FM Radio
Yes, I was able to get a single station but the reception was not good. I am not sure if it’s really the problem of this player because I haven’t tried radio on other players. So, let’s give the benefit of doubt on this one.
Other features
XDisks boasts of voice recording, E-book reading, built-in-microphone, multiple foreign written language (obviously Chinese), and brand new contact screen system (touch screen). Unfortunately everything is so low even to reach a low grade performance. That’s because, the screen has a tendency to hang for minutes, or act erratically.
PC Connection
Well, it will connect to the PC or laptop without any software that’s included in the “manual”. And the good news is it’s quite good in transferring files and you can still use it as a storage device.
Expansion card
According to the manual booklet, X Disk supports mini SD card from 128 MB upto 4 GB. I haven’t tried any expansion cards with the unit. So, let’s take the manual’s word for it.
The about page of the XDisk has this information nothing more and it takes ages to load when it load it says…Verison 00.00.0000 Date 2008 – 05 -19. Nothing more, there is no mention about manufacture(er), software details, company or any such thing.
Well, now it’s your call, think twice before you buying this product. Also, read my guide Buying an MP3 Player.
+ Okay Sound
+ Cheap
+ 8 GB Storage
- Poor Design
- Very Poor Battery Life
-Very very poor touch screen (it's a jab screen)
- Poor navigation menu
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