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I used these tablets for 12 weeks and was amazed with the results with these tablets.

I wanted to lose at least a stone for my 40th this year, which i ended up losing 2 stone 2lbs, and now i'm back to my normal size (8) i dropped 3 dress sizes in 12 weeks.

These really do curb your appetite and stops you snacking on sweets, crisps and biscuits.

You take 2 tablets with water after a light meal, but if you are having a fatty meal, you take 3 tablets right after the meal. These tablets make you fuller for longer. No more than 9 tablets in a day.

I also noticed that with a calorie control diet and exercise these helped you lose weight.

In the first week of taking these tablets i lost 5 and half pounds of weight in the first week, then after that i would lose between 2 and 3lbs a week, but i was going to the gym 3 times a week, and also doing a workout DVD really helped has well.

It is recommended that after the first 4 weeks that you take a break for 3 to 5 days for normal consumption.

These tablets are not recommended with people who suffer with liver problems, or diabetic, and also if you suffer from kidney disease or kidney stones (which i suffer from kidney disease and have had no side effects from taking these)

There is also vitamins in these tablets has well as fibre. These need to be taken with water after each meal. The tablets are grey in colour.

I also ate plenty of fruit and veg in my diet.

I would certainly recommend these tablets to anyone, has i went from a size 12 and now down to a size 8 and exercise on a regular basis, and of course eating sensible. I would not recommend the carb or appetite tablets of XLS - MEDICAL, has they are not in English and you don't have a clue how to take these tablets, has the instructions are not in English, but other languages. I even tried to google these tablets which again there is no instructions of how to take or how many and when.


I also noticed that i did not get any side effects from taking these tablets.

I hope these tablets help you like they did for me.


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