Xbox Overheating problem

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If you are on edge weather you should buy an xbox 360 or not there is a simple answer, and that is yes. Mant reviews say it over heats and breaks so quickly, but this is because they game on it for hours on end and leave it on over night so they can carry on with a level in the morning. Any way games console add on companies have seen this problem and introduced the cooling fans for the back. There are loads of different types of fans, and all i have to say is look for one that says intercooler on as that is the best. The intercool has 3 fans and is very effective as i happen to own one. The other types range from gameraders fan which stops you from playing xbox live otr the fake fans which melt to the xbox 360. So if you buy an xbox 360, use it well but not so your on it hour after hour, ditching your friends for it, Also to be on the safe side buy a cooler itss great and it reduces noise. Forget about the reviews as the most people love technology and write reviews because their bored. So go ahea buy an xbox 360 or mabey the elite as the graphics and game play on ay television are fantastic


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