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Yamaha biker gloves (100% genuine)

To improve motorcycle safety, many countries mandate the wearing of personal protective equipment . Our  Yamaha sporty  gloves have additional features .This includes  advanced insulating materials and waterproof breathable fabric. We also have our advanced armouring features used in motorcycle racing gloves.
Fantastic gloves at fantastic prices !!
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Fantastic gloves at fantastic prices !!

Principle Yamaha motorcycle gloves.

Our Yamaha Gloves are intended for motorcycle racing ,they typically incorporate pre-curved finger sections and the best available protection, obtained through additional armour incorporated within the glove. Additional protection which is carbon panels for knuckles and the joints of the fingers. Furthermore,the racing gloves we are selling to the public (at an unbelievable price! )  do incorporate  wrist and other protection panels to protect the heel of the hand, back of the hand and other easily injured parts of the hand.They have reinforced palms intended to protect the rider from abrasion injuries in case of an accident. Again, our Yamaha manufacturer claims the gloves are protective, and carries an authentic parts number along with your item purchased. We only carry the Large size. This is palm width 10 cms. Superb quality, superb price ! Just try them ?  The all new Yamaha Motorcycle gloves are created for all styles of motorcycle riding. With there armored knuckles and Padded fingers your hands will never go without protection!
Vented knuckle armor

External outseam design and pre-curved fingers for long term rider comfort

Available in Multiple COLORS ( Please refer to our E bay shop)  

Great for Street Riding, Off Road, Motocross MX, ATV's and UTV's
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