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I thought I would pass on advice to potential buyers of this pedal.

The Mk I and Mk II are basically the same unit. The Mk II has addition of mini jack headphone output.

By upgrading the firmwear to V 2.1  even the Mk I can offer all the lastest program options, and the ability to mix: bass, guitar and acoustic patches together in the 99 User Settings.

The factory sound patches are frankly pretty awful and mostly sounding rather gimmicky.

With time, effort and some experience a great range of sounds can be created using Sound Librarian & Editor with computer via USB.

The big PLUS with Magicstomp is its ability to perform well on clean guitar sounds used for country rock etc, something no POD has ever managed to do well.

Add to this its amazing emulation of vintage tape echo machines, to sound just like Hank Marvin for example, and it becomes a must have effect.

Maplin sell a power supply which is a 12VAC 1000mA device so no problems buying from USA for use in UK.
Highly recommended effects unit that can replace guitar amp and effects board with one pedal, great sound direct to PA if programmed correctly.

Hope this may be helpful to prospective buyers.


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