YU GI OH! Counterfeits How to tell the Difference

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Counterfeit YU GI OH! cards

  • Look at the font-type of every YU GI OH! card. Konami have kept the same style throughout every single series of YU GI OH! they never differ in size or font.
  • The names of the YU GI OH! cards are so outrageous its unbelievable.  Dark Master Exodia, E-Hero Tempest, and in certain cases they are not even in English, they are a rough translation of such. Gilforde, the legend.
  • YU GI OH! Holo symbol of authenticity on the right corner.  This should be GOLD for 1st Edition and Silver for Unlimited Edition.
  • 8 Digit Sequencial number.  This should never be more or less and is always printed like point 1. in the same font.
  • KONAMI Copyright on the back  This is an important point.  The printing of these cards are very hard to get the exact colouring that Konami uses to perfection.  If there is any blurring of the KONAMI it is counterfeit.
  • YU GI OH! cards are only use 5 card colours only.1= Yellow: Normal Monster Card, 2 = Orange: Effect Monster Card, 3 = Green: Spell Card, 4 = Purple: Fusion Monster, 5 = Blue: Ritual Monster.

Pictures will soon be put up to prove my point.  I have seen most types of counterfeit and the most abused and copied ones are Exodia Pieces and the Egyptian God Cards.

My pet-hate is when little kids are swapping real cards for counterfeit ones.  This is not on.  Remember One simple rule when buying from eBay.  They must state they are Genuine Konami cards and offer a refund if not.  This protects the community from counterfeits.

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