Yarn / Wool Weight Chart and Description

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The "Yarn weight" refers to the thickness of the yarn.  There are seven yarn weights and each has a specific yarn symbol

0 = Lace 
1 = Super Fine 
2 = Fine
3 = Light 
4 = Medium 
5 = Bulky 
6 = Super Bulky 

Super Fine - Is classed as FINGERING Weight: These yarns are very thin and lightweight.  They are typically used for creating socks, lightweight sweaters and baby items. 

Fine - Is classed as SPORT Weight: These yarns are about twice the thickness of the fingering weight yarns.  These yarns are used for making sweaters, scarves, mittens and baby items

Light - Is classed as LIGHT Weight.  Double Knit wool is within this selection. These yarns are used for making clothing, hats, baby items and amigurumi 

Medium - Is classed as WORSTED Weight.  Aran Wool is within this selection.  These yarns are 3 -4 times the thickness of the fingering weight yarns.  They are used for making sweater, afghans, leg warmers , hats, blankets, scarves. mittens
and amigurumi. 

Bulky & Super Bulky  - Is classed as BULKY Weight. Chunky Wool is within this selection. These yarns are very thick, about 6 - 8 times the thickness of the fingering weight yarns. There yarns are used for making heavy sweaters, coats and afghans.

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