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There has been a lot of bad 'press' about ebooks especially in these guides lately and whilst I do not dispute in any way what people have said, I would ask the question 'is this a complete picture?' and wonder just how many sides this coin actually has!

For a start there are so many types of books, reference books, novels, non-fiction.  There are many reasons for having a book, reference, read once and then maybe never open it again, collecting, first editions maybe, signed by the author, sentimental value, rekindling of childhood memories, some people even buy books by the yard to 'stock' their bookshelves.  There are different formats, paperback, softback, hardback, and ah yes ebooks.

Paper books are heavy and cumbersome, ask the students who have to 'lug them about' seemingly endlessly.  Ebooks are by comparison convenient to computer users.  They can be copied electronically, transported on CD-ROM discs or flash drives, audio ebooks can be listened to whilst jogging etc. and listened to by the blind, there is a particular website which specialises in this service.

Any trainer will tell you that we digest information more readily by seeing it or hearing it than by reading it which gives audio and video ebooks an advantage over their paper counterparts.  These are much rarer than normal ebooks but are on the increase.

The ecologically conscious among us could well argue that ebooks are much less harmful to our environment and when you consider how many paper books 'bite the dust' each year, (check your local charity shop window), it's very difficult to argue against that.

Our 'knockers' complain that ebooks are trash just a few pages of worthless rubbish.  Fine, I can't argue that I have come across dozens that match that discription to a tee.  However I do not sell those, if you check my shop header you will see that it clearly states:~

Simply honest-to-goodness eBooks, no sex, lies, cheats, or get rich quicks. If you just want a good book at a fair price with no 'extras' to pay, then with 100+ titles to choose from, this is the place for you.

I am not alone in selecting what I sell and quite simply it's a matter of taste.  Personal taste is completely down to the individual and NO-ONE has any right to dictate to us what we like or don't like.  For example I would consider buying war stories a complete waste of money, but I would not dream of bad mouthing anyone who sells them because of that, hundreds of people would buy nothing else!

Exactly the same applies to ebooks.  Many are very informative and can contain hundreds of pages.  Even if they are shorter, the content may well be well worth the price, if so then the ebook is a worthwhile purchase.

Further on this note, it has been said that ebook sellers rip you off by selling information that is freely available on the internet or elsewhere, and so most of it is but consider the following points :~

How many times have you decided to find something by using a search engine?  When you have, how many results did it come back with and how many of those pages of results did you look at before you gave up? very familiar to us all especially when those search engines in my experience tend to become less accurate the more details you specify by returning results for each word individually as well as in combinations multiplying the number of results. 

How many times have you tried to search for something, entering completely innocent keywords only to have porn thrown at you.  As an example, I once did a search on 'Honda Goldwing' a large touring motorcycle for those who have not heard of it.  Amongst the results were some relating to pornographic corset training? work that one out! 

The point of this is, would you consider it worth £1, £2.50, £5.00, whatever amount you may see your chosen item selling for, to save you the time and trouble searching for it, to possibly have it packaged on a nice neat menu driven CD-ROM disc, (an option I specialise in on request) or simply delivered to your email address immediately upon payment.  Find it and read it today! is that worth the fee for someone else doing the graft for you?  If so then have a look at the ebooks on sale on ebay or elsewhere, if not, then find the best search engine you can, make a pot of coffee and make yourself comfortable, the choice is entirely yours.

People complain that ebook sellers are rip-off-merchants for whatever reason, non-delivery, feedback scamming etc.  Again, no doubt there are many about, but then my wife was ripped off by a DVD seller, I have had non-paying bidders and non-delivering sellers for other items.  There are a lot of people out there who will rip you off.  On the other hand, in ALL catagories, there are good honest obliging sellers and that includes ebooks.

So to conclude, yes many people have had a bad time with ebook sellers and the items they have bought BUT, NO this is not just applicable to ebooks and there are many good ebooks and ebook sellers, all you have to do is the same as with everything else,

be careful and buy wisely.

Thank you for your time and happy ebaying.

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