York 520 Bench Lat Curl

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I bought this bench for my home gym. It has 3 levels of incline, adjustable barbell saddles, a pair of chest fly handles, a leg curl/extension attachment, a lat tower and a preacher curl pad. In addition, the bench can fold up when not in use to save space. The bench is one of the better home gym benches on the market as it combines a lot of features in a small space. The manufacturing quality is good, all parts are sturdy and the bench itself is well padded. However, it must be kept in mind that this is for home gym use. You won't be able to use very very heavy weights on this bench. E.g, the pulldown cable will support up to around 60kg, leg curl/extension up to around 50kg, chest fly around 30kg. These aren't the manufacturer's specifications, I have tested my bench with these weights. While the attachments themselves may not hold as much weight as commercial benches, you can do heavy bench presses on this bench. I have used up to 150kg on it. To get around the weight limit on the attachments I do some exercises one limbed, e.g., one arm pulldowns and leg extensions. For the pulldowns you will need to buy an additional attachment, a one arm cable handle but this is quite cheap.

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