You do want people to find your item, don't you?

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There is only way people can find your listing.  They have to search for a word that's in your title!  I know,  you might get found with an advanced search -"Search Title and Description"- but many people don't use this feature - so think hard about your title.  It really is your shop window.

Try something - just for fun - run an eBay search for look with two @'s.  At the time of writing this,  there are nearly 21,000 items listed for this search - so ask yourself,  is it doing anything to help these listings stand out?

You have 55 spaces to get yourself in as many searches as possible,  so why waste four of them on rubbish?  Also,  think about when was the last time you included the word "Beautiful" in an eBay search? (31,500 listings) or "lovely" (27,500),  "brilliant" (2,200),  "superb" (12,100) etc. etc. - you get the picture.  Don't waste your most valuable resource - your title bar!

When I'm listing an item for the first time,  I look at other listings,  and see what words they are using.  Then,  I combine as many as I can in the space provided.  For example,  I sell a lot of diaries - including academic diaries,  which,  in case you don't know,  run from late July to early August of the following year.  So,  I had to ask myself,  what are people going to search for?  Well,  some people call them student diaries,  some people call them mid-year diaries - so my title includes all these words.  I also found that some people search for "08 diary",  and some for "2008 diary" - so I list both. 

 IMPORTANT  This is not the same as key-word spamming,  which is not permitted on eBay.  Just because iPod is the number one search on eBay,  you can't put iPod in your title unless it's relevant to your listing.  I do not advocate spamming at all - I simply recommend you give yourself every chance of being found by people who might want to buy from you.

Here's another example of how  you could lose a lot of money if you don't get this right.  One of the 21,000 listings mentioned above is selling a game for a Playstation - it will work on PS1 and PS2.  Because he wasted space with nonsense words,  he abbreviated this in the title to PS1/2,  and he does not come up in a search for PS2!  With those extra four spaces,  he could have written PS1/PS2 - and appeared in hundreds more searches.

So,  once your listing is live,  try searching for it using several different key words - or,  even better,  ask a friend to search for it without telling them what the title is!  If they can't find it,  consider how many other people might not.

One final point - DO check your spelling!  One of my competitors is trying to sell "Studant Diaries".  He's cheaper than me,  but has sold about fifteen diaries.  I've sold nearly a thousand in three months!  Did you know,  there's a search program you can use,  which targets poor spelling on eBay?  It allows you to enter the name of something you want - say,  Chanel.  Then it searches eBay for things like hcanel,  channel,  chanell,  and so on.  Most of these mis-spelt items have no bids - because they are not being found by potential buyers!  Try it yourself - just google "Fatfingers"

Last year,  I bought a piece of Lladro porcelain on eBay.  The title referred to it as Laddro!  I paid £30 - the start price - and immediately relisted it - ten days later,  it sold for £345!

I recommend you write out your title in a program like Microsoft Word,  and spell check it.  Then you can cut and paste it into the title bar in your listing - and,  by the way,  do the same thing with your description!  Poorly spelt and punctuated descriptions are irritating,  and they make you appear very unprofessional - not the image you want potential buyers to get.

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