You get what it says on the tin! - Just read the label.

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I sometimes sell items which have come as parts of  job lots. Sometimes these are from unclaimed lost property sales, others by way of trade disposals. Some items are tested before sale and others are not. If an item is faulty, it is always described as faulty and sold for spares or repair only. As much information as possible is given in the listing regarding any specifics. If an item is offered as untested it always described as as such and bidders are advised to treat the item as possibly faulty and are asked to bid accordingly.

I have from time to time been contacted by bidders asking what's wrong with a faulty item. The fact is I do not know beyond the information included in the listing. That's why it's described as faulty and sold for spares or repair.

I have also been contacted by a successful bidder of an item described as faulty for spares or repair, complaining that they couldn't get it repaired at an economic price. Bidders should always bear in mind that what may economical to repair if the skill or technical knowledge is possessed by the buyer to effect a repair, may be totally uneconomical if it is taken to the local repair man who has to make a living by repairing the item and charging to cover his labour and overheads. Remember, most repairers will charge for giving an estimate for repair - after all, the fault needs to be diagnosed before a price can be given for repair and time and technical expertise cost money!

The moral of this article is that before bidding, please do read the description of an item carefully before making a bid. Consider if you buy such an item, whether  you have the skill to repair it yourself or whether you are going to use it for spare parts. Take advice before you buy an item if you intend to get it looked at by a repairman who will charge you for his services. Sellers generally do not want to mislead anybody or see buyers disappointed with their purchases. Unfortunately, it is very easy to get carried away by a low starting price or even a buy it now price which seems very attractive and sometimes the expectations of a bidder can be greater than is reasonable for an item described as faulty.

Remember to read the label - then you will get what it says on the tin!

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