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This guide is to remind you about the problems with postage you can have when dealing with ebay shops. Having recently bought alot of warhammer 40k items, I have come to appreciate the value of a good delivery time more so then ever before. Having been stung with postage costs, and poor delivery times. I thought id write a guide on the subject.

Firstly. The basics of ebay;

Feedback score,
Postage costs,
Item description,
and Feedback reviews


Now you may think, why is he listing feedback score and reviews under 2 different things. I promise you its not because of the word count. lol, but because they are 2 very different things when examined closely. Through my own experience many ebay shops ive used in the past have had a massive feedback score and percentage. THAT MEANS NOTHING.

If the item is buy it now, you have plenty of time to check out the seller. A few minutes spent here will save you days or weeks come expected delivery time. Look at the sellers feedback reviews, alot of the time people are afraid to give negative feedback because of so called 'retaliation feedback' so any that are listed, Do not take lightly. Does the seller have a trend of neutral reviews along the lines of 'item as described but poor delivery time' or, 'does not respond to emails when quizzed about delivery, but item well packaged' i notice a few sellers with neutral feedback scores and those reviews given (the neutral feedback doesnt affect the score but the review still tarnishes the account) If theres alot. AVOID THE SELLER.  Theres nothing more annoying then winning an item through buy it now, and receiving it weeks after. Plus not being able to leave negative feedback through fear of retaliation on your account.


Postage costs are obvious but alot of sellers list standard sellers rate: £xx-xx and then deliver to you second class. Youll no doubt be paying top dollar (so to speak) so you should expect the best postage class for the money you paid.


Lastly, item description. BEWARE, many sellers are now selling items they don't even have in stock, and one line like: 'ordered directly from games workshop' could mean they'll wait for the auction to end before even ordering the item. Meaning you'll be waiting longer!

Well thats it folks, i hope you have found this guide helpful and remember if in doubt, ask the seller.

Happy bidding,


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