Your Complete Guide to Buying a BMW X5

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Your Complete Guide to Buying a BMW X5

Car shopping can be such a hassle: a lot of research, a lot of money invested into the purchase, and a lot of options to choose from. New or used, moonroof or not, navigation system or paddle shifters, the possibilities are endless when it comes to car shopping. The BMW X5 is a particularly luxurious vehicle, which has been manufactured by BMW since the first model came out in 2007. The Sport Utility Vehicle (or SUV) can house five passengers, sports a leather interior, and comes in a variety of colours and luxuries. The price range is fairly flexible for many shoppers; however, buying a used BMW X5 is the most affordable option for sellers. Used BMW X5s can be purchased online using websites like eBay. By comparing prices and specifications, shoppers can feel confident when laying down an investment on a car that is both affordable and exactly what they want.

Specifications of the BMW X5

The BMW X5 has a four-wheel power braking system with disc brakes on both the front and rear tires. The BMW X5 has a maximum alternator capacity of 210 amps, and the car's emissions amount to 9.6 tons of CO2 emissions on the assumption that the car is driven 15,000 miles per year. The vehicle has a Turbocharged Gas I6 engine with a direct injection fuel system and 300 horsepower. The car gets about 23 miles per gallon (MPG) on the autoroute and 16 MPG in the city. The BMW X5 uses a power rack and pinion steering type and a double wishbone front suspension with a multi-link rear suspension system. The transmission is an All-Wheel Drive automatic and classified as a Sport Utility Vehicle or SUV that can hold five passengers.

Features of a BMW X5

The SUV features an AM/FM stereo and CD/MP3 audio system with anti-theft installation and a 10-speaker sound system, including two subwoofers and amplifier underneath the front seats. The radio also has satellite radio capabilities, a USB adapter and iPod adapter as well. The exterior of the vehicle includes roof rails, star spoke alloy wheels with stock all-season tires, automatic headlights and halogen foglights. The mirrors are all powered electronically, and the right outside mirror automatically tilts downwards when the vehicle is in reverse. The windscreen wipers activate when rain is sensed, and the car features leather upholstery. The car also features an outside-temperature display, an Led-illuminated dashboard display, a computer and controller, power-operated windows, central locking system, and rear-window defroster. The engine starts and stops at the press of a button. The airbags are triggered by a roll-over sensor in case of a roll-over accident. The alternator, fuel pump and starter are disconnected from the battery, the doors unlock, and the hazard and interior lights are turned on when the impact sensor is activated in an accident.

Different Modifications for a BMW X5

The BMW X5 comes in 15 styles and four trims, which affects the pricing of the vehicle depending on the year and features included. The BMW X5's 15 styles range from the first 2007 model to the 2013 X5. Each year releases the BMW X5, the BMW X5 Diesel, and the BMW X5 M, the last of which is a manual X5 model. The four trims change the pricing within each year's X5 style by determining the features and luxuries that the new car owner wishes to include in the vehicle.

BMW X5 Trim



xDrive35i AWD 4dr SUV

Has standard air bags and standard stability control;

Can carry five passengers;

Four doors, All Wheel Drive SUV, 300 horsepower, 16 miles per gallon in the city and 23 miles per gallon on the autoroute


xDrive35i Premium AWD 4dr SUV

Has standard air bags and standard stability control;

Can carry five passengers;

Four doors, All Wheel Drive SUV, 300 horsepower, 16 miles per gallon in the city and 23 miles per gallon on the autoroute


xDrive35i Sport Activity AWD 4dr SUV

Has standard air bags and standard stability control;

Can carry five passengers;

Four doors, All Wheel Drive SUV, 300 horsepower, 16 miles per gallon in the city and 23 miles per gallon on the autoroute


xDrive50i AWD 4dr SUV

Has standard air bags and standard stability control;

Can carry five passengers;

Four doors, All Wheel Drive SUV, 400 horsepower, 14 miles per gallon in the city and 20 miles per gallon on the autoroute


For each style and trim of the BMW X5, consumers can select options tailored to their specific tastes, for a cost. Ten colour options, interior trim options, and even more are all available.However the cost of more luxurious seat trims and additional equipment are added to the overall cost of the vehicle.

The additional equipment for the standard trim includes a panoramic moonroof, auto-dimming mirrors, and improved ambiance lighting. Shoppers can also order the 'space-saver' spare tire, automatic control for the tailgate, a one-year subscription for satellite radio, heated front seats, a third row seat, a computer navigation system, and park distance control for difficult parking jobs.

The Premium, Sport Activity, and xDrive50i trims includes options such as the universal garage-door opener, keyless entry, rear-view camera for backing up in tight spaces, the navigation system, and more luxurious features on the climate control, seats, and technology around the vehicle. The Sport Activity trim allows an additional option of ordering a vehicle with paddle shifters, for a real sports car-like feel.

The specific year, trim, and additional equipment greatly affects the price of a new BMW X5 straight off the lot. Some options may be considered non-negotiable for many shoppers, such as the rear view camera, while others value savings over new features.

Buying the BMW X5 New or Used

There are benefits and disadvantages to both buying the BMW X5 new or used. When purchasing a car brand new, the vehicle is in perfect condition, comes with a warranty with the dealership for any problems, has yet to be broken in, and it provides shoppers the ability to request additional luxury options or pick a preferred colour or interior trim. The ability to personalise the order of the BMW X5 makes purchasing a new car seem like an excellent deal. However, new vehicles are the most expensive, which may be the most unattractive aspect of a vehicle to a shopper who wants to find a great deal.

Buying a used BMW X5, on the other hand, allows the shopper to find a great car at a more affordable price. The shopper may not exactly get to specify the preferred colours of the upholstery or state whether or not one would like a moonroof; in addition, used cars come with wear and damage that depreciates the value of the vehicles over time. However, for those shoppers who value saving money over the value that comes from a new and expensive car, shopping for a used BMW X5 may be the best option.

Whether buying new or used, the BMW X5 can also be found at more affordable prices when shoppers search for older models. 2007 BMW X5s, for instance, are significantly more affordable than a used 2012 BMW X5. Determining how much one is willing to spend on a vehicle affects the choices on year, level of use, and amount of features that the dream car can have.

Buying a BMW X5 on eBay

When looking for the right BMW X5 for yourself, you want to be able to explore all the options and features that are available in this make and model. However, the ability to compare prices is essential to making a smart purchasing decision. Shoppers can get the best of both worlds when they shop for cars on eBay. The website has a large database that is easily navigable using two tools: the search box and the eBay motors feature. The search box is found on every page at eBay, and shoppers can insert keywords like 'used BMW X5' and find all relevant listings of used BMW X5s for sale. The shopper can then filter the search results by shipping location, price range, and colour. The eBay motors page asks the customer to first specify the year, make, and model of the vehicle in question. This more specific search tool helps customers find the most relevant products in the database that only refer to the BMW X5 when searched.

When making such a large purchase like the BMW X5, it is important that all shoppers thoroughly research the reputation of the sellers they see on eBay before purchasing a car, new or used. The feedback left from previous customers is beneficial for this, as past customers can rate the quality of the seller and leave comments based on their overall shopping experience and the quality of the product or item that they had purchased. By reading the feedback, customers can get a feel for the sentiments generally experienced towards the seller, thus making a smarter decision on car shopping.


Shopping for cars can be rough, but when using eBay the process is not too difficult. The BMW X5 is a gorgeous vehicle that is versatile in every situation, from party bus to family getaway. When purchased as a new car, the shopper can ask the dealership to add or take away specific features that make the vehicle even more luxurious than it already is. However, the added features also increases the price of the BMW X5. Shoppers can always look at used models of the BMW vehicle to find more affordable options that may also have the desired features on a new car. The BMW X5s range in price and style, since the start of the X5 line began in 2007. When looking for a used BMW X5 on eBay, shoppers can compare prices and features, narrowing down their search results with filters to help them find exactly the car they desire.

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