Your Complete Guide to Buying a Nissan Note

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Your Complete Guide to Buying a Nissan Note

The Nissan Note is a mini MPV produced for the European market since 2006. It is partial successor to the Nissan Almera hatchback and related to the Renault Modus. The Nissan Note has been produced in several different models in its lifetime, and buyers can choose from a variety of features and extras to match their needs. The Nissan Note can be broadly categorised into two generations. The first began with production of the car in 2006 and ended in 2012. The second generation features a redesigned body and internal components. It was released in 2013.

Most Nissan Notes on the market are used cars. There are several factors to consider when buying a used Nissan Note that can help buyers to get the best vehicle. The most important step is obtaining a vehicle history report. Potential buyers can also take a Nissan Note to a local mechanic for a buyer's inspection. This can reveal damage and necessary repairs that may not have been provided by the seller.

A Nissan Note can be purchased from dealers and private sellers. Both types of sellers can be found on online marketplaces like eBay, making the site an easy way to compare prices and models.

Generations of Nissan Note

The first generation of Nissan Note was released in 2004 in Japan, although it was not until 2006 that the car made its appearance in the UK. The second generation launched in 2013.

First Generation

The original model was sold in three versions: S, SE, and SVE. The SE added 15-inch alloy wheels to the standard model, along with air conditioning. The SVE had climate control, rear privacy glass, and 16-inch alloy wheels.

These models were later replaced with a new line-up that included the Visia, Visia+, Acenta, Acenta R, and Tekna. The Visia is nearly identical to the previous S model and served as the standard edition of the car. Similarly, the Acenta replaced the SE model and featured air conditioning, a chilled glove compartment, and cruise control. It also had electric door mirrors, rear electric windows, under-seat storage, and a six speaker stereo. The Tekna, like the SVE before it, had climate control and rear privacy glass. It added rear parking sensors, automatic headlamps and washers, and the Nissan Connect media system. The first generation of Nissan Notes ended in 2012.

Second Generation

The new Nissan Note was equipped with two different engine types, including a 1.2-litre HR12DE and a supercharged 1.2-litre HR12DDR engine. The car also featured a redesigned body and adjustments to the interior.

Used Nissan Notes

Most Nissan Notes on the market are used, and many good quality cars can be obtained for less than the cost of a new one. There are several ways that buyers can improve their chance of obtaining a high quality vehicle, including obtaining a vehicle history report. It is also wise to take a car to a mechanic before committing to a purchase. A buyer's inspection can reveal damage and wear not reflected in the seller's description. This allows buyers to negotiate a lower price or avoid the car altogether. It is also useful to determine the true market value of the car.

Vehicle History Report

The best way to learn about a used Nissan Note is to obtain a vehicle history report. This reveals a wealth of information about the car, including the odometer readings, accidents, and the number of previous owners. This information can be obtained through online resources. The following table lists some of the many useful details contained in the vehicle history report.

Report Detail



Shows any accidents that the car has been involved in along with the damage that it sustained

Number of titles

Indicates the number of times the Nissan Note has been sold


Shows any salvage title the Nissan Note has had or if it has been in a salvage yard


Reveals a rebuilt engine or other major repairs

Usually the result of a serious accident

Cars with this mark should be avoided


Indicates a car that has been repossessed from a previous owner

May reflect poor maintenance of the car


Lists recorded mileage at intervals in the car's history

Can be used to identify adjustments in the event of a rollback

A vehicle history report can reveal cars that have been damaged heavily and subsequently repaired. This can help buyers to steer away from poor quality vehicles.

Buyer's Inspection

Take a used Nissan Note to a mechanic for a buyer's inspection. This can reveal further details about the car's condition and repairs that may be needed in the near future. Check the cost of the inspection as some garages offer the service for free, while others charge a fee.

True Market Value

A Nissan Note's true market value reflects the recent sale of similar models and is the highest price a buyer should pay for the car. Check this information before buying to avoid paying too much for the vehicle.

Nissan Certified Pre-Owned Cars

Like many car companies, Nissan has a Certified Pre-Owned programme to help buyers to obtain the highest quality used vehicles. The benefits of buying a Certified Pre-Owned Nissan Note include 24-hour roadside assistance, reimbursements for car rentals and towing costs, and a free vehicle history report. To qualify, a pre-owned car must be no more than five years old with less than 60,000 miles on the clock. The title must be free of any brands, such as salvage, and the Nissan Note must pass a 150-point inspection. As a result, buying a Certified Pre-Owned Nissan Note can provide owners with peace of mind.

Types of Sellers of Nissan Notes

Nissan Notes can be purchased from dealers and private sellers. It is important to choose from a reliable seller to avoid issues, so learn about some of the benefits and drawbacks of each type.


Dealers sell Nissan Notes in both new and used condition. Some sellers have multiple models, which allows buyers to choose the best car for their needs. Dealers can be a reliable source for a car, as they tend to be honest about its condition. It is also possible to contact the dealer at the end of the transaction, if needed. However, dealers tend to be more expensive than private sellers.

Private Sellers

Buyers looking for the best price on a Nissan Note should consider private sellers. Be aware that private sellers have fewer reasons to be straightforward about the condition and history of a car, so buyers should perform their own research thoroughly. However, private sellers can sometimes offer information not available from a dealer.

How to Buy a Nissan Note on eBay

A wide selection of Nissan Notes can be purchased on eBay. Cars are listed by both dealers and private sellers, making the site an easy way to find the best prices. To find cars, enter keywords into the search field on the home page. For example, enter "2008 Nissan Note" into the field to see all listings tagged with those terms. Try using more than one set of terms to find the most desirable listings on the site.

Read the Full Description

Read the full description of a car before committing to a purchase. Most sellers offer detailed information about the condition of the vehicle, along with photographs from multiple angles. Many listings also include a specification sheet for the particular model being sold. Check the location of the car and delivery options. Many cars are available for local collection only.

Seller Feedback

eBay allows buyers to review the history of sellers on the site. Look for the feedback rating, which is a number that reflects the satisfaction of customers within the past 12 months. Consider this rating in relation to the number of completed transactions to find experienced and accountable sellers. Additional information can be found by clicking on a user's name. Full profiles show comments from previous buyers, along with average ratings based on key aspects of the seller's performance. Leave feedback about your experience with the seller at the end of the transaction to inform future buyers.


The Nissan Note is a popular line of mini MPVs that has been sold in the UK since 2006. The car is available in several different versions, including the original line-up of the S, SE, and SVE. These were later replaced by the Visia, Acenta, and Tekna models, respectively. In 2013, Nissan launched the second generation of the Note. Consider each of the models produced to find one with the best features and performance capabilities.

Most Nissan Notes available are used, so it is important for buyers to perform some research before committing to a purchase. Obtain a vehicle history report and take the Nissan Note to a mechanic for a buyer's inspection. It is also useful to determine the true market value of the car. Nissan has a Certified Pre-Owned programme that adds protection to the sale of the car. In addition, Nissan Notes must pass a rigorous inspection before they qualify as Certified Pre-Owned.

Nissan Notes can be purchased from dealers and private sellers, both of which list cars on eBay. Buy from reputable sellers that can be contacted after the sale of the car. With careful shopping, buyers can obtain a good quality Nissan Note that can perform well for years to come.

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