Your Complete Guide to Buying a Used Engine for Your BMW

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Your Complete Guide to Buying a Used Engine for Your BMW

Bavarian Motor Works, or BMW, is one of the three top luxury automakers in the world, along with Audi and Mercedes-Benz. BMW has been known for producing high-end performance luxury cars that have a dedicated following around the world. The company's cars maintain a certain mystique, thanks to their beautiful and elegant styling, along with the rich heritage that is BMW. Because the styling of BMW's vehicles is so advanced, many of the older models are still on the road, owing to the timeless nature of the cars' body styles. For this reason, many BMW owners prefer to keep their current vehicles running rather than trade them in for newer versions.

Owners who prefer to maintain their current BMW's rather than sell them have a large supply of parts and accessories that they can choose from. Replacement parts can readily be found in specialty shops or even online at auction sites such as eBay. Many BMW owners are finding that, nearly any type of component they need to keep their BMW running, including used engines, can easily be found using the advanced shopping tools available on eBay.

About BMW

The Bavarian Motor Works was founded in 1917, originally as an airplane engine manufacturer in Germany. After the end of World War I, BMW was not allowed to produce aircraft engines as a result of the Versailles Armistice Treaty, so the company began manufacturing motorcycles. The company got into the business of manufacturing automobiles in 1928 after treaty restrictions were lifted, and in the 1930s, Germany began a rearmament phase that saw BMW once again produce aircraft engines for the German Luftwaffe.

In the 1960s, BMW began to follow the trend of smaller economy cars, which helped lift it from its downturn in the previous decade and establish it as a force in the automotive marketplace. BMW began to acquire companies that specialised in new and advanced technologies in engine manufacturing as well as automotive design, and this resulted in rapid growth for the company. BMW became known for its sleek body styles and high performance characteristics, generating a worldwide following. The company became involved in automotive racing and has developed a reputation as a top competitor in different motor sport series. BMW has continued to expand into other markets as it moves into the 21st century.

Remanufactured vs. Rebuilt vs. Used Engines for BMW Vehicles

It is not difficult to understand that some BMW owners become very attached to their vehicles, given the unique heritage and reputation of the company. For these owners, when a major issue with the engine befalls a car, many choose to replace the motor and get the beloved vehicle back on the road rather than sell it or trade it in for a newer unit. The choice of engines fall between remanufactured units or used ones.

Remanufactured Engine for Your BMW

Remanufactured engines are units that are taken apart and rebuilt. A remanufactured engine consists of the main engine block taken from a vehicle. All of the major internal components and items necessary to outfit the basic motor are installed as new into the used block. The remanufactured engine needs certain components from the old engine to be swapped over onto the remanufactured unit in order to complete it. These items include alternators, belts, and hoses. The advantage to a remanufactured engine is that, even though it is built on a used block, it has all new internal components, and it is certified by the manufacturer.

Rebuilt Engine for Your BMW

Rebuilt engines are similar to remanufactured versions, except that they are not built by the manufacturer. Sometimes, these components are not the high-quality parts that are used in a remanufactured engine with the manufacturer's name on it. Many rebuilt motors are put together by local repair shops and utilise new components set within a used block.

Used Engine for Your BMW

Used engines are typically taken from vehicles that have been in an accident or have had some other incident occur that takes the vehicle permanently off the road yet leaves the engine intact. Used BMW engines are usually sold as a complete drop-in item with all the necessary components already attached. There are garages that sell used motors without all the components as well, and the owner can transfer the necessary items from his own engine as needed. Some automotive establishments offer used engines, and they may even provide after-sales support if needed. Many individuals also sell used engines from their own vehicles after they have been damaged beyond repair. Used engines offer great deals to the BMW owner, and they can help owners save a great deal of money.

Benefits of a Used Engine

Generally, it is extremely difficult to find a brand new motor to install in a used vehicle. Many manufacturers do not sell new engines from their assembly lines to BMW owners. New engines are provided only in rare instances. A remanufactured engine is considered to be new when it comes to used vehicles. While many people opt for remanufactured engines, they are more expensive, and even though many of the internal components are new, the block is still used. The main advantage of a used BMW engine is that it is considerably less expensive than a remanufactured unit. Another important aspect of a used engine is that it is usually never disassembled. There are many things that can go wrong if an engine is not put together correctly. Used engines do not have this problem.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Used Engine for Your BMW

One must consider a few general factors when deciding whether or not to purchase a used engine. The following areas can determine whether an owner chooses to go with a used engine or a remanufactured unit for a BMW.




The mileage of the used engine must always be determined to estimate remaining life expectancy; low mileage on used complete engines can offer more value than a remanufactured unit

Source of Engine

The source of the engine can be an important consideration; questions as to whether the vehicle was in an accident and what type are important in determining why the engine was removed; one must also determine if the engine suffered any impact damage


The general overall visual condition of the used engine is important; dusty and grimy engines suggest the owner might not have taken good care of them; clean appearance can indicate the opposite

There are many factors that go into finding and purchasing a used engine for a BMW. It is important for the owner to communicate with the seller and gather as much information about the used engine as possible before purchasing it.

How to Buy a Used Engine for Your BMW on eBay

Once you have decided to purchase a used or even a remanufactured engine for your BMW, the next step is to take advantage of the powerful search tools available on eBay to help you find what you are looking for. Begin your search at the eBay home page, where you can enter a relevant keyword such as "used BMW engine" into the search box. A list of available engines, along with various components are displayed. You can browse through each listing, comparing the prices and the quality of the engine as you go. If you find an engine that interests you, you can add it to your shortlist and save the search to compare with other engines that you find along the way.

You can also narrow the number of results that are shown by selecting from various subcategories that can help you refine the search. This includes selecting the 'Used' condition filter that helps narrow the listings to only used engines. Once you have chosen the listings that look like ideal candidates, you can begin the process of verifying the seller's quality. Choosing to work with reputed sellers on eBay can help you feel more confident in your transactions.


BMW is one of the larger car manufacturers in the world, and its continuing success can be traced back to the unique styling of cars and their impressive handling and acceleration characteristics. BMW's are known as driving machines, and for the many millions of BMW owners throughout the world, there is no other car that can match them as far as sheer driving pleasure and pride of ownership. May BMW owners are so enamoured with their vehicles that they refuse to sell them or trade them in if they suffer engine damage. Many owners turn to the remanufactured or used engine market in order to continue to enjoy their vehicles.

For BMW owners who choose to purchase a used engine for a car, there are several options available in the marketplace. While some individuals choose to purchase remanufactured engines, finding a used motor in good condition at a considerable savings is the only way to go for others. For these owners, shopping for a good used engine for a BMW is not difficult at all when they utilise the helpful shopping tools available on eBay.

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