Your Guide To Buying Children's Shampoo

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Purchasing the best shampoo for a child is a difficult choice. Babies and young children have incredibly delicate skin and are therefore more susceptible to scalp irritation and skin issues. This is due to the sensitive nature of their skin which is much more likely to absorb chemicals faster then an adult body. Safety for a child is the number one issue for a parent. This guide offers advice on how to buy children’s shampoo that is both safe and practical for all families.

There are a number of different places to purchase shampoo ranging from high street shops, specialist stores, supermarkets and auction sites. One such auction site is eBay. eBay offer a wide range of safe bath time products for children including shampoo.

What A Children’s Shampoo Does

A children’s shampoo will ultimately do exactly what an adults will; however it is a gentler and safer formulae. A child’s shampoo is designed to care for the sensitive nature of a child’s scalp and won’t strip the child’s head of its natural protective oils. The formulae will also be low foam and gentle on the eyes should any soap intrude down the child’s face.

Most shampoos for children will be a non-toxic or organic formulae. This is designed to accommodate for the child’s developmental physical state as well as to keep them safe.

Children’s and babies shampoo will leave the hair looking soft and shiny as well as smooth and tangle free.

Why Is It Important To Purchase Non-Toxic Shampoo for Children?

Shampoos will often contain toxic products suitable for adult’s skin and scalp but that has serious adverse affects on children if used over an extended period of time. These toxic products often found in adult shampoo include formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane. Both of these products have been linked to serious ongoing health concerns including cancer. A non-toxic shampoo and baby lotions for that matter will offer a safe alternative for the child.

What To Look for When Purchasing Children’s Shampoo

There are a number of different things to look for when purchasing children’s shampoo. These points can be broken down into a number of easy to follow steps outlined below. The majority of the steps revolve around the ability to read the label of the product. Law requires products of this nature to outline all ingredients in a certain place on the bottles label. The ingredients at the top of the list (top third) will be the main products used and make up 90 to 95% of the product. The next (middle) third make up 5 – 8 % of the product with the last ingredients list (the bottom third) making up only 1 to 3% of the product. If, for example, all the organic ingredients are listed at the bottom of the label, it is likely that the product is largely made up of other non-organic products. This labeling system will help to identify the suitability of a shampoo product.

Step 1

Is the product organic? This should be outlined on the label via a certified organic product stamp or as detailed above.

Step 2

If the product is not certified organic, how many of the ingredients are organic? Again, this should be outlined on the label via certified organic stamps or the text attached to the product information. It is important to weigh up the amount of organic products versus non-organic. Often a product will include organic ingredients but this is counter balanced by ingredients that are toxic or not safe for a child. If unsure on the ingredient, it is advisable to undertake further research to find out the origin and potential issues it may cause to delicate skin.

Step 3

Is the brand of the product a well-known and trusted brand? Often branding doesn’t necessarily mean much when it comes to these kinds of products, however sometimes a trusted brand is trusted because of its quality. Also, it may be a specific brand that specializes in this area of product.

Different Shampoo’s Available On The Market

There is a wide range of children’s shampoo products available on the market. The market is saturated with different brands all claiming to be offering a safe alternative for parents of young children. Some trusted brands that are available are (please note this list is not exhaustive)

All of these products contain a low health risk to the child and the companies also have strong environmental and social policies.

Please note the exact type, name and make of shampoo above. Some brands will have in their range a number of different products and in some cases one product may be safer than another, even if made by the same company.

Children’s Shampoo and Body Wash

Because of the nature of children’s shampoo, it is possible to find products that are a two in one body wash as well. This is particularly common for infants. Because of the sensitive nature of the skin and the size of a baby, there is very little reason to differentiate between ‘hair’ and ‘skin’ as with an adult. It is important to purchase a product that is safe for the baby’s skin as well as their scalp due to the likelihood of the soap reaching the child’s skin.

In the case of a two in one product, it is worth looking at the ‘tear free’ status. Whilst this is not always a realistic promise, having a product that does not cause the child’s eye to sting when it accidently gets in them, it is good to attempt to avoid this. Looking at the label on the bottle and checking the company promise or status on this matter can do this.

Please note: whilst there are products available that are specifically designed for skin, hair and scalp, most children’s shampoos will have taken this into consideration and be suitable for the body as well as the head.

Ho to Buy Children’s Shampoo on eBay

Purchasing products like children’s shampoo on eBay has never been easier. There are three main ways to purchase items, Bid, Buy It Now or Best Offer. The type of purchase is determined by the seller and will be specified next to the product description.

However before a buyer is ready to purchase a product they must first identify which product they would like. This can be done via a number of different search functions. The most visible is the search bar at the top of every page. This function allows the user to search for a specific item or a broad search term. The outcome will be a selection of items available on eBay identified by the search term. The user is then able to browse at their leisure. If the amount of products bought up by the search are too many, it is possible to complete an advance search via the advance search function located next to the search bar. This will hone the search further depending on the different boxes checked. Please note; it is possible to search from the beginning via the advance search.

Once a product has been chosen, it is advisable to continue to research. This can be done via the description and photograph given by the seller. Should there be any information still required before a purchase is made, this can be done via the Ask The Seller function. This allows you to send a message to the seller to seek any additional information, similar to an email. This is an excellent way to cross reference the product before making a purchase.

Once the product is checked, it is time to buy. As mentioned, this will be done one of three ways, bid, buy it now or best offer. The way in which the item is sold will be down to the seller’s choice. Each offer a slightly different process to purchase outlined in the Buying Tips page.

To transfer money, the most common payment process is via PayPal. PayPal offer a safe and secure pathway to exchange goods for money. They act as a third party between the seller and buyer.


By researching and selecting a kids shampoo that is specifically for sensitive scalps and skins will mean that you avoid the sulphates in adult shampoo. Not only will this ensure that your child is safe when it comes to bath time with no risk of irritated skin, it will mean you can relax and enjoy the bath time ritual.

eBay’s large selection of products available for bid, buy it now and best offer make it easy to purchase the right children’s bathroom product for you. Not only that, but it can be done from the comfort of your own home. This is a particular bonus for those days when packing up the children for the forgotten item on the shopping list seems like a full day adventure rather then a quick journey to the shops.

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