Your Guide to 3G 3 Network Mobile Phones

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Your Guide to 3G 3 Network Mobile Phones

3 Network Mobile Phones connect to a major league international mobile company. Autonomously organised in each nation, you can choose 3 Network as your carrier in the UK as well as many other countries around the world. As of mid-2014, most handsets connected to 3 Network remain 3G models, as transition into the 4G realm is a gradual one. Those wishing to join 3 Network can acquire their handset from the company itself, or eBay, where there may be a larger selection to choose from.


3G Phones on 3 Network

3 Network 3G phones come both locked and unlocked. However, newer handsets from 3 Network UK are automatically unlocked. If you choose a phone locked to 3 Network UK, and you intend to remain in Britain, this presents no problem. On the other hand, if you plan to travel abroad, it is preferable that you choose an unlocked 3 Network phone. An unlocked phone makes it easier to change carrier in another country, which is particularly useful if you wish to remain there indefinitely. As a provider, however, 3 Network offers great customer loyalty to subscribers, and are renowned for keeping both their costs and sales gimmicks low, focus on keeping customers satisfied for the long term.


3 Network UK

For British residents, subscribing to 3 Network UK does offer some irresistible advantages. Although telephone companies do inevitably change policies and types of service delivery, this carrier is committed to not raising prices during the term of a contract, and they continue to offer cheap, non-roaming charges for international calls.


3G Handsets

On eBay, a truly vast array of 3G mobile phones presents themselves to shoppers. Although you can select a handset assigned to any number of carriers, 3 Network carries a particularly impressive range of phones such as Nokia, Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone. 3 Network began rolling out 4G phones during 2014. If you want to consider this option, you will still be restricted to 3G speed until 3 Network begins 4G coverage in the region you live.


Check the Features

Whichever type of phone you choose, make sure it has all the features you need before making a decision. The main thing to do is to consider what you need in a mobile phone and compare that with what is available in the model that interests you. Look at your phone-using habits, and make your assessment from that. Check the technical specifications on your chosen type and model, and read product reviews.


Contact 3 Network

After acquiring a 3G 3 Network phone online, you of course need to set up your contractual arrangements, but it is wise to contact 3 Network before you purchase to check what your options are. This especially pertains to 3 Network locked phones.

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