Your Guide to Build-a-Bear Clothes

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Your Guide to Build-a-Bear Clothes

Build-a-Bear is a fun opportunity to create your own plush animal and customise it to suit your tastes and express your individuality. Whether you are an avid plush animal collector or want to give a special gift, a Build-a-Bear teddy bear is a personal touch that gives you a cuddly friend unique just to you. Much of the fun of creating a Build-a-Bear plush is choosing outfits for him to wear. The huge array of Build-a-Bear clothes lets you put together just one look or a complete wardrobe for your plush.


Girls' Build-a-Bear Clothes

Build-a-Bear girls' clothes let you give your plush a feminine look that shows off your inner fashionista. Dress your bear in Build-a-Bear girls' outfits that express your personal style or speak to how you see a special someone in your life. Dress your bear like a baby, or channel her sparkle with a luxurious princess costume. You can even choose animal prints and holiday attire for looks perfect throughout the year. Choose new Build-a-Bear clothes for the latest looks, or browse used items for retired and rare looks to expand your collection.


Boys' Build-a-Bear Clothes

Your Build-a-Bear collection does not have to be limited just to princesses and ballerinas. Build-a-Bear boys' clothes come in cute varieties for a more masculine touch to your plush friends. Build-a-Bear boys' outfits range from miniature suits for the dapper bear to Build-a-Bear army uniforms to show your pride or give a loved one a cuddle from a special member of the armed forces who is away from home. Complete the look with boys' shoes for a finished effect.


Build-a-Bear Costumes

Create a festive look for a gift, or just let your bear express himself throughout the year with Build-a-Bear costumes. From the spooky fun of a Build-a-Bear Halloween costume to displaying your fandom with Star Wars or Disney costumes, these outfits are a special touch ideal for changing the look of your collection depending on the season or your own interests. You can even mark your special day with a Build-a-Bear wedding outfit perfect for gifting your flower girl.


Build-a-Bear Bundles

You can purchase clothing for your plush individually, but the easiest way to create a complete look is with Build-a-Bear clothes bundles. They  include outfits plus shoes and accessories for a finished effect. Cheer on your favourite team with Build-a-Bear football clothes, or give a new collector a good start with a girls' bundle that includes a variety of pieces for a total play experience.


Build-a-Bear Pyjamas

At the end of the day, let your plush snuggle up for a good night's sleep in Build-a-Bear pyjamas. Top them with a dressing gown and slippers, while you lounge around before bedtime and then tuck him into his sleeping bag. For extra fun, you can even get a Build-a-Bear tent and bring your bear along on holiday with you.

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