Your Guide to Buying 1st Edition Comics

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Your Guide to Buying 1st Edition Comics

Comic books have kept kids and adults entertained for many years, and even though the publication of new editions has slowed down, vintage comic books are still highly collectable. 1st edition comics particularly appeal to collectors, but they are also more difficult to find due to rarity and popularity. The process of collecting 1st edition comics is fun and rewarding for many collectors.


Types of 1st Edition Comics

Several kinds of 1st edition comics exist. The most obvious is the first copy in a comic book series, such as the first comic in the Marvel Avengers series or in the DC Justice League of America series. The first edition in a new year sometimes holds greater value, as do comics made by Marvel and other publishers that first introduce new characters, especially if those characters become legendary like Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man. Sometimes a series gets a complete makeover along the way, and the first comic released after the makeover becomes quite valuable.


Choose Favourite Characters and Series

To make comic book collecting fun, readers need to look for series, characters, and storylines they enjoy. This ensures a satisfying read at the time of purchase and increases the sentimental value of a collection. Complete collections of a particular series or character also hold more value in most cases than collections filled with random comic books.


Look for Rare 1st Edition Comics

If choosing a particular character or series seems boring, collectors can focus on building collections of particularly rare comic books. Most collectors consider the 1938 Action Comics issue that introduced Superman to be the most valuable comic in existence. The cover features the image of Superman casually tossing a vehicle onto some rocks. The issue bills Superman as the 'Champion of the oppressed, the physical marvel who had sworn to devote his existence to helping those in need'. The 2000 Ultimate Spider-Man issue that featured an updated, dramatic cover with several variations is another coveted 1st edition. In 1939, Detective Comics by DC introduced a 'caped crusader' known as Batman, who is one of the most famous comic book heroes of all time, and the issue is worth more than most people pay for their homes. On the villain side, the coveted 1974 Amazing Spider-Man comic introduced The Punisher, one of the most famous Marvel villains of all time.

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