Your Guide to Buying Abdominal Exercise Books and Videos on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Abdominal Exercise Books and Videos on eBay

Those looking to obtain toned abdominal muscles may be thinking of heading out to the gym on a daily basis. However, the days of having to head out to the gym to get a workout are long gone. A set of videos or books can guide people through the perfect abdominal workout from the comfort of their own home. They are a popular alternative for those who may not want to enter the testosterone driven and competitive gym environment.

The trick is finding the right video and book combo to deliver the right results. Some of the best abdominal workouts are released on video, meaning that they can take users from day one until they reach the perfectly shaped midriff that they require. In the world of fitness, eBay is a leading retailer, so shoppers will find any and every abdominal exercise video on the world’s leading online marketplace.

Full Workout

Lets face it, for a lot of people it is hard to stay in shape, and there are times when body conditioning can get away from someone. It is time to get back that toned stomach and invest time in working out. The following are considered the premier workout programme on the market, and are built to turn a soft stomach into a rock hard set of abs.


If shoppers are looking for a set of videos that are going to push them to the absolute limit, they should look for a copy of Insanity. It is entirely cardio based and aims to deliver full abdominal development in just sixty days. The intensity of this regime can’t be understated and should never be entered into half-heartedly.

  • A single Insanity cycle lasts two months.
  • It features max interval training, which involves less rest time in-between circuit training elements.
  • Develops abdominal muscles at a faster rate than most workout programmes.
  • Comes complete with added upper body workouts and a flexible diet plan.
  • The tough nature of Insanity means that it isn’t for everyone, and users should consult a physician prior to starting it.

P90 and P90X

Much like Insanity, P90 and P90X are strict and intense and not for those who are weak willed. They are ninety-day home exercise training regimes, which use aspects of weight training, yoga, martial arts and sports cardio. Accompanied by a diet plan and workout out calendar, P90 and P90X will carve and strengthen the abdominals if followed properly.

  • The entire P90 or P90X cycle lasts three months, consisting of six workouts per week.
  • It contains three different types of approach depending on the results required, these are ‘lean’, ‘classic’ and double’.
  • Consist of twelve DVDs and a strict diet guide.
  • Very few workouts last any more than forty minutes, and the abdominal specific workout lasts approximately twenty minutes.
  • It is worth noting that certain P90 and P90X workouts require third party elements, such as weights and resistance bands.
  • Is a great regime for those looking to make steady progression.
  • Requires a large workout space, so not suitable for those who want to workout in a small room.

Brief Workout

Sometimes people just don’t have the time for a forty-five minute workout each day. They require a quick option that is entirely targeted towards working the abdominals and nothing else. If you are already in fit shape these workout videos will provide a quick fix.

Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six Pack

She is a serial fitness video host and this workout is Jillian Michaels at her best. The set up is similar to her other releases, which means it is as brutal as it gets, and users should be expected to be thrown in at the deep end.

  • Designed to build abdominal muscles, and blast away fat in just thirty days.
  • Targets the abdominals better than most workouts.
  • Has two regimes, level one and level two, both of which cut a pretty fast pace.
  • Uses everything from planks to plyometric movements.

Gorgeous Core

It aims to deliver exactly what the name states, and truth be told it has the potential to do so. It prides itself on talking about six packs and weight loss while going about the task in hand. This workout is most suitable for those who enjoy balance training.

  • Starts off with a basic twelve-minute routine to allow users to ease into the system.
  • Features elements of yoga and pilates, so expect to be doing plenty of planks and T-stands.
  • Is probably the most relaxed abdominal workout available.


Not everyone learns well from video fitness programs, nor is everyone at home enough to do them regularly. For some, it may be time to invest in a quality abdominal workout book and there is no shortage of options to choose from. The following books are truly helpful, and contain guides and advice that push someone towards the chiselled abdominals they’re after.

  • The Little Abs Workout Book
  • Men’s Health: Getting Abs
  • The New Abs Diet
  • Abs 365
  • Essential Abs
  • Abs on a Ball
  • Abs for Women

These books are a great way to get instruction on obtaining a new set of abdominals. They will provide background information on why their workouts are effective and have photographic evidence to prove it. They also offer diet advice that far outweighs those that come with video abdominal exercise programmes.

Buying Used Abdominal Books and Videos

Workout programs, especially those that go over four or more discs, can be expensive to buy new. In fact, Insanity and P90X cost upwards of £100 new, and this may be too much for some people to stretch to.

eBay has revolutionised how people go about acquiring the perfect home workout, as users can now look at acquiring used books and videos. Buying used is a good option as often near-new products are sold at a fraction of the RRP. However, when buying used it pays to be diligent, and asking the following questions is advised:

  • What condition are the discs in?
  • Does the programme feature all the discs listed?
  • Has the book suffered any tears?
  • Does it come with any third-party items?
  • Does it come with all the peripheral materials (such as diet guide and form guide)?

How to Buy Abdominal Exercise Books and Videos on eBay

Health and fitness is a tricky market to navigate through, as there are plenty of products and fads that are advertised. The key is ignoring any and all celebrity endorsements and finding something that is right for you.

The market is vast, so explore and try out a variety of workout samplers, many of which can be found online. When the time comes to buying the full product and throwing yourself into a gruelling workout regimen, eBay should be your first port of call.

  • In order to start shopping for abdominal exercise books and videos, log onto eBay and select sporting goods from the options on the left of the screen.
  • From there, click on exercise and fitness then instructional items. This will bring up all live exercise book and video related auctions.
  • If you have a specific fitness regime in mind use the keyword search and advanced search options found at the top of the page to locate it.

eBay Shops

The world of home fitness is big business; this means that retailers are constantly looking for new ways to sell their products. The eBay shops format has become increasingly popular amongst sellers, and has become a great place for shoppers to find one off deals. To start exploring what eBay shops are open and trading, select the eBay shops link found at the bottom of the homepage.

Completing a Purchase

It may take a while to locate a product of interest, so it would be a pain to see that item slip away. Shoppers can make sure that they get the item by doing one of the following when on an item listing:

  • Place a Bid
  • Make a Best Offer
  • Buy it Now

When an auction is complete and a shopper has successfully secured the product, they will need to pay for it via eBay’s checkout system.

Complete the process with PayPal, as it is a leading online transaction service that makes sure that buyers are protected should anything untoward happen.


The home workout market is far from new, in fact it has been around since the 1980s and the days of aerobics VHS tapes. Since the turn of the 21st century, things have changed and the product has evolved. There are no products available that can overhaul the entire body (specifically the abdominal region) better than those listed in this guide.
Buying expensive gym memberships and gym equipment has become a thing of the past, as people can now achieve a full abdominal workout in their own home.

After considering the top products in the field (including the videos and books detailed above) and deciding which is suitable, it is time to get hold of it at the best price. Many online retailers offer good deals on home workout programmes but none deliver a better price than eBay.

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