Your Guide to Buying Acrylic Nails

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Your Guide to Buying Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are the traditional and original false nail product. Acrylic has been used for the production of false nails since the first was designed in 1954 - for medical reasons as opposed to cosmetic. Now they are the height of fashion and wearing acrylic nails is as part of the daily beauty regime as washing their hair for some wearers.

Buying acrylic nails for home application couldn’t be simpler. Buying online is a cost-effective and time-friendly way of ensuring the best quality products are found for the best possible price. Using eBay is one way of guaranteeing value, quality and a wide variety of products to browse through and choose from. The vast array of products means that all types of buyer are catered for. For people just trying out false nails for the first time there are plenty of specialised kits, whilst there are further individual products which appeal to more experienced, long-time nail wearers.

Applying Acrylic Nails

The application of acrylic nails at home has been popular for a number of decades and it cuts out the middleman allowing buyers to simply buy the base product and apply it themselves without the added cost of visiting the salon. False nails can be easily applied and this step-by-step guide goes through all the necessary procedures to ensure a perfectly applied set of false acrylic nails:



Step One

Place the false nails out in the order they are to be applied.

Step Two

Cut the natural nails as short as possible and then push back the cuticles gently using a pusher and oil.

Step Three

Apply the glue to the back of the first nail, using just a thin layer.

Step Four

Place the false nail over the natural nail and press down at the base of the false nail, ensuring all air bubbles are removed. Remain pressing for 10-15 seconds.

Step Five

Apply the other nails following the same process.

Step Six

Apply any polish, decoration or design to the nails.

The application process is quick and easy, but needs to be done correctly to ensure the nails are both long lasting and don’t cause any health risks.

Caring for Acrylic Nails

Once the effort has been taken to apply false nails it stands to reason that adequate attention should be paid to caring for and maintaining the nails. If they are not treated appropriately then they’ll soon fray, crack or chip. There are a few points to keep in mind when caring for acrylic nails.

Firstly, acrylic nails need to be kept dry. Acrylic doesn’t react well to water and the nails can lift and give bacteria a chance to thrive in the gap between the nails, which can lead to permanent damage. Wear gloves when doing household chores and ensure you dry them immediately after they get wet.

Secondly, all wearers of acrylic nails should use antibacterial soap or spray regularly to keep the nails in the best condition and avoid the settling of bacteria behind the nail. It can discolour and permanently damage the nail bed and eventually prevent the growth of the natural nail altogether.

Finally, to keep the nails looking fresh and glossy they should be treated with rubbing alcohol or petroleum jelly at least once a day. This helps keep them looking their best, but also provides a degree of protection. If any damage is done to the polish, simply reapply.

Different Types of Acrylic Nail Art

There are many different ways of decorating acrylic nails and their hardwearing surface is the perfect base for working on a range of different nail art designs. It is possible to buy acrylic nails with designs already printed whilst other buyers prefer to design their own. Some of the key types of acrylic nail art include:

  • Nail Wraps or Decals
  • Nail Gems
  • Marbled Nails
  • Glitter Polish

All of these products can be found on eBay and give the buyer plenty of options for making a real fashion statement with their nails. Nail wraps and decals are easily applied and are often much more intricately designed than other types of nail art. Nail gems are simply gem or jewel stickers which add an extra statement to the nails. Marbled nails are achieved by mixing two colours of polish together in a bowl of water and dunking the nails in to achieve a swirled effect.

Finally, glitter polish is simple and easy to use, but creates an eye-catching, standout appearance for any wearer. These are just some of the most popular types of acrylic nail art design and once a buyer has bought and got used to their nails they will quickly develop their own style and choose nail art options which suit their individual tastes.

Basic Acrylic Nail Design Tools

There is a range of basic tools which fans of acrylic nail art should have in their makeup bag. These include:

  • Nail Polishes – as many colours and types as the user wants to create different styles.
  • Nail Dotters – for creating custom designs with polish.
  • Nail Strippers – a quick tool for removing polish for starting again or painting lines onto a design.
  • Stationery Tape – ideal for creating strips and blocks for bold designs.
  • Nail Art Brushes – for the experienced nail art fan these give significant more scope for intricate an original designs.

This list is not exhaustive, but it’s a beginning for anyone serious about nail art and giving their acrylic nails a range of different design choices. There are many more tools that are utilised by professionals and are moving into the home market including airbrushing guns, professionally made stencils and specifically designed brushes for certain types of effect.

Cost Effective Acrylic Nails

Regular wearers of acrylic nails will know the benefits of buying in bulk and always have a supply of the essential items for applying false nails. This means items such as glues and the nails themselves which can be bought in bulk online.

Buyers who are looking for a starter kit will not be disappointed with a wide range of different items on offer to cater for this market. What’s more many items that regular wearers may find hard to source on the high street will be available on eBay. These sought after items are usually highly in demand so these sorts of listings need to be watched closely if the buyer wants a chance to seal the deal.

Buying acrylic nails from eBay is a cost effective alternative to purchasing on the high street and a much more effective budget alternative to visiting the salon. Once buyers are used to applying their own nails then buying supplies could not be more straightforward.


Acrylic nails have been an essential fashion accessory for decades and being able to apply them at home has added even more demand to the industry. The home beauty industry means buyers are looking further afield to locate original and different nail art products and eBay is a prime location for finding acrylic nails and their related accessories.

Buying fake nails could not be easier online and with the added bonus of bulk buys being straightforward too, and as acrylic nails are the most popular they can be found in a variety of styles and package sizes across the site.

False nails have become as important as a hairbrush or lipstick to many and being able to access a wide range of products to make these acrylic nails stand out is important. Using eBay to purchase a range of acrylic nail products ensures quality and cost effectiveness.

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