Your Guide to Buying Arsenal Ticket Packages on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Arsenal Ticket Packages on eBay

The Arsenal Football Club, also known as the Arsenal FC, is a football team that is based in the United Kingdom. The football team is so popular that matches tend to sell out, which may leave you stranded without tickets. You can find ticket packages for sale on eBay to attend Arsenal matches, but if they are sold out the ticket prices may be marked up. Arsenal has a devout and loyal fan base, with fans all over the country and the world. The team is known as one of the most successful football teams of all time, and in London.

Purchasing event tickets to see football matches, also called fixtures, is easy if you are a club member, which also grants you access to other benefits, such as box seating and deluxe ticket packages. If you are not a member, you can buy tickets from another member to attend matches. Ticket prices also vary due to what opposing team Arsenal is playing, and where the seats are located in the stadium. Buying tickets on eBay to see Arsenal play is convenient, and is an easy way to get tickets if you are not a member but still want to see a match now and then.

Select a Match

Once you have navigated to "event tickets" or searched Arsenal tickets on eBay to see what options are available, you can see which matches you can purchase tickets to see. You may be interested in seeing specific matches, which involve certain opposing teams, or you may want to attend a match on a certain date.

Home matches take place at Emirates Stadium, and you can see on a seating chart where the tickets that you are bidding on are located. Some tickets may have limited viewing capacity, so ask the seller if you think the tickets may be located in an obstructed spot and you may not be able to see the action as well as other locations would allow you to. You may not want to purchase tickets with a limited view of the pitch.

Read All of the Fine Print

Read the seller's details about the tickets extremely carefully. If you only scan the listing, you may miss something of importance, such as the limited viewing capacity of the seats, a nonrefundable policy, or that the seller does not accept certain forms of payment you were planning on using. If tickets are very expensive, you may want proof of authenticity, such as a photo of the tickets (obscuring the bar code for safety) to make sure they are authentic. Shopping for tickets on eBay is generally safe, but you want to make sure you know exactly what you are getting when you buy tickets.

You may also not like the shipping terms or you may see something in the listing that you do not like. That is why it is not wise to bid hurriedly on tickets before you have read all of the details in the listing, or even have discussed the tickets with the seller, if there are some things that you have questions about. Always bid and shop for tickets carefully and read the entire listing top to bottom before you bid or buy tickets.

Shipping Details

For tickets that are being shipped, you may see something in the listings about ticket insurance. This is a good option for expensive tickets, and can make you feel a bit more confident about spending a large amount of money on tickets for something like Arsenal season passes or ticket packages to a sold out event. Most prices for tickets on eBay may not include the price of shipping and other delivery charges that may be tacked on at check out, so when you are looking for tickets make sure to read the shipping information carefully, and the refund policy as well.

For the safest results, make sure that shipping the tickets is a good option, but it may not be for matches that are coming up soon. You may want to discuss meeting the seller in person to pick up your tickets instead of having them shipped so you can have them in your hands sooner, if the seller is close enough and agrees to that.

Check Ticket Prices

Compare prices for tickets against other eBay sellers to see who has the most reasonable offers for tickets. You can check the official Arsenal site to see how much tickets usually retail for, so you know what the markup is when you are looking at tickets on eBay. You should also consider parking when you get to the stadium, and see what ticket packages may include parking passes as well.

Buying tickets in advance is a good idea, because once matches sell out the prices usually increase dramatically. Some sellers may not have tickets in hand for a match that is months away, so you need to find out if the tickets can be shipped or if you need to pick them up or print out the confirmation. If you are buying tickets from a member, you may need to receive your tickets not from the seller, but from the football club itself.

Purchase Arsenal Tickets from Reputable Sellers

The most important thing to keep in mind when you are buying Arsenal fixture tickets on eBay is that you are purchasing from trustworthy sellers. The first thing to look for is the badge that indicates the merchant is a Top-rated seller, and then you can look at the seller's page to get more information about that seller, such as what his or her feedback scores are from other buyers, and how many transactions have been completed successfully with other buyers, especially for tickets to events and similar items.

You need to ensure that the seller is available and open to conversation if you have questions. A perfect feedback score along with many successful transactions are all good signs that you are shopping for tickets from a highly rated, honest seller.

eBay Power Seller

A Top-rated seller, also called an eBay Power Seller, is a seller who has been awarded the distinction of being a great seller all of the time, providing good customer service, quick shipping, and offering quality merchandise at affordable prices. Since ticket packages are not refundable, so it is best to make sure you are shopping from someone you can trust to ensure you are getting authentic Arsenal tickets.

How to Buy Arsenal Ticket Packages on eBay

If you are looking for Arsenal football tickets on eBay, you can navigate to sports tickets and go from there. Type "Arsenal tickets" into the search box to see what ticketing options are available. Be wary of ticket deals that seem too good to be true or low prices for very good seats; these could be unauthentic. Always check the market value, also called the face value, of tickets so you have an idea of what the tickets retail for.

Check the ticket listings carefully to ensure that if you are buying two seats, they are together in the same section, next to each other. It is also important to know where the tickets are being shipped from and when the tickets are to be shipped. Contact the seller by clicking "Ask a Question" on the seller's page to discuss tickets, shipping, seating, and any other questions you have about the Arsenal ticket packages, such as parking passes. Find out all the information about where the seats are located, and if the seller does not offer a seating chart, find one yourself online before your purchase to make sure the location of the seats is satisfying.


If the Arsenal match you would like to attend has already sold out, or you are not an Arsenal Football Club member but you still want to go to a match, eBay is a great solution to grab some football tickets before the next big fixture. Since Arsenal is such a popular team, tickets tend to go quickly, so head to sports tickets to see what is available, or type in "Arsenal tickets" using eBay's search bar on any internal page or the home page.

Sort through the options and compare them according to price and how reputable the sellers are. Pick the best option by choosing a seller who has great feedback and ratings, and tickets that seem as if they are priced affordably. You may even get lucky and score tickets to more than one match, and some sellers may even offer ticket packages for fans who would like to attend more than one match. Talk to the seller and find out if he or she has any other tickets for fixtures and additional items such as parking passes that you may need as well. Purchasing football ticket packages on eBay is convenient, fun, and a simple way to get tickets to a couple of matches without having to purchase an Arsenal membership, if you do not want to do that. Simply shop carefully and know what you are buying before committing to a purchase.

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