Your Guide to Buying Authentic Versace Rosenthal

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Your Guide to Buying Authentic Versace Rosenthal

After going through the pages of Ebay & seeing so many fakes I decided something had to be done.

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Nobody wants to waste their money being deceived and buying fakes so I am here to help.

Here you find tips on how to spot a fake item and how to get the very best for your money, after all you deserve it!

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions that you would like further help with.


Versace Rosenthal items can be supplied in one of 4 styles of boxes

1. Black Box with Gold Greek key around the sides, the Versace logo is in the center of the lid and this is also in gold.(1st pic)

2.  Matt black box, in the center of the lid is the Versace logo in a slight shiney black giving a two tone effect.(2nd pic)

3. Again, matt black, the Versace logo this time is to one side of the lid and shows only half. The logo is approximately the same height as the lid itself. (not shown)

4. A black box with a small Medusa logo on the centre of the box, Versace is written below this in silver block letters. Towards the bottom of the box is the Rosenthal logo (3rd pic)

Items are supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity,  this can come in three forms:

The first certificate of authenticity is a rectangular white and grey certificate which usually but not always comes in an opaque envelope. The second type is a newer version of the first and is now black and gold. The third and newest certificate of authenticity is a plastic credit card style black card with silver writing it does not feature the Versace logo only text.


Versace Rosenthal do not release "seconds" for sale.

If the item you are interested in does not have a box ASK for its condition. Seconds do not come with a box, all seconds are supposed to be destroyed at the factory so it would seems as though they have had a helping hand out of the factory.

If there is damage do not accept the sellers opinion of slight it may not be the same as yours, always ask of pictures of damage.

Please note the Rosenthal items are handmade and slight variations can occur from item to item, all items pass through Quality control and Rosenthal will not release items that it considers to be inferior quality.


Try to learn a little about the items you are interested in, with fake items the shapes are often wrong.  Find a seller that you can trust and do not be afraid to ASK questions.  If you need extra pictures ASK for extra pictures, a seller who has nothing to hide should be only too happy to help.

A number of things are incorrect on this one:-

  1. The handle to the teapot is very large and ear shaped, it is not a graceful line and does not compliment the design.
  2. The sugar bowl (shown sitting inside the dish) in the real collection does not have "wings" on the sides.
  3. The dish the sugar bowl is sitting in does not match any existing collection shapes or colour combinations.
  4. The 27cm plate shown has red edges, they should in fact be a black design. 
  5. The salt & pepper pots are short and fat they should be a longer more tapered shape.

If all this can be judged just from looking at a picture imagine how obvious these faults are in real life.

Backstamp / Markings

The Backstamp on the official Versace Rosenthal items should look like this

Here are some examples of fake items backstamps



Versace Rosenthal items are designed to be elegant, beautiful and luxurious so look very careful at the items.

  • Does the pattern flow?
  • Does it look graceful?
  • How do the colours compliment each other?

The fakes have difficulty matching the beautiful contrasts of colours used in Versace Rosenthal items so as a result they often look harsh.

  1. The word Versace with Medallion logo between, there was no collection EVER produced in this design.
  2. Colour combinations of the Barocco look harsh as with the Gold Ivy and Jardin de Versace.
  3. Look at the proportions.
  4. The ladybirds in the centre of the Jardin de Versace plates should not be there.  They also DO NOT make a Salt & Pepper pot in this collection.
  5. The "Medusa Tea Cup" at the bottom of the picture, authentic Tea Cups of this style do not have the Medusa on the front of the cup.
  6. Logos are not written in BLOCK CAPITALS, the name of the collection should be in Italics which is dead center under the Versace logo.
  7. The 2nd picture the design is not authentic.

Please feel free to email me even if you just need a little guidance and are not ready to purchase. I sell these items because I genuinely love them myself, please don't fall prey to the scammers.

Ultimately, remember these are luxury products and sometimes if it looks to good to be is!

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