Your Guide to Buying Boxing Tickets on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Boxing Tickets on eBay

Although not a truly popular sport in the same league as tennis or cricket, boxing has an almost cult following. Followers of the sport tend to have a very specific adherence to it, compared to the somewhat general appeal of many other sports. Many large ticketing companies, such as Ticketmaster, provide tickets to see big name boxing matches the same way as they do with other sports, although eBay can provide them more cheaply.

Boxing is a martial arts sport built upon maximum agility, speed, strength, endurance, and reflexes. Combatants fight to see who can knock out whom, but it does involve a great deal of strategy; far more than immediately meets the eye. A good deal of technical skill is needed at all levels of boxing in order to advance in the sport. Despite its dubious and dirty image in the early days when many boxing bouts were conducted illegally without gloves in seedy clubs, the sport has become highly professionalised, and today attracts the sponsorship of large corporations.

Purchasing boxing tickets on eBay needs to be undertaken with considerable prudence and patience. It is only then that a boxing fan can be sure of gaining the right, valid, tickets.

A Sordid History

Boxing is thought to have begun in Mediterranean and Egyptian civilizations. Although beginning well before the time of Christ, its sporadic appearance over successive centuries and cultures saw various incarnations of the sport. In Britain, during the seventeenth century, the sport took on many of the forms we know today, except there were no formally understood rules. The bouts were highly disorganised and violent, where fighters could sustain horrible injuries, and occasionally died. The first rules were imposed by Jack Broughton in 1743 to provide protection to the combatants.

With additional rules being developed over time, the game became more civilized by the early 19th century and became known as a gentleman's sport. Nevertheless, it was still commonly undertaken without gloves, making it far more brutal than it is today. The image was largely seedy, with amateur bouts frequently taking place in illicit gambling houses that were raided by police when alerted.

The Professional Make-Over

Modern boxing, from the latter twenty century onwards, barely resembles its former self. Although retaining a violent image, the sport is now centred more on strategy and elite physical and psychological tenacity. Modern rules and regulations help protect boxers from injury, although with only limited success. As with much of today's sporting world, there is big money at stake in the professional boxing circuit. Professional boxing is divided into seventeen weight divisions to ensure the two boxers are of comparable weight, size and strength.

Acquiring Tickets and Seats

Purchasing tickets to see boxing can be very expensive. Of course, you pay the most for the best seats, but depending on the venue, it may be difficult to get prime seating at any time. Reasons for this may vary, but if a boxing match is held in a casino, for example, ringside seats are not apt to be available to the general public. Such positions are offered to the club's best patrons and high rollers, and sometimes for free. Additionally, they can be reserved for the media and the boxer's relatives and close friends.

Your chance of landing the best seats increase with the decrease in an event's prestige. If you book to see a boxing match between relatively unknown boxers, you may easily find the exact seats you want.

Where to Purchase Tickets

Ticketmaster has become the usual agency for many sporting events, and a certain monopoly is held on boxing also. They are, at least, a company you can trust to deliver professional service. You should always purchase tickets from companies you know to be honest and that have good customer reviews. Always be wary of tickets scalpers, as you can never be entirely sure how, or by what means, they attained their tickets. Although often available for much less, you may find yourself before a magistrate if the tickets you purchase were stolen.

eBay is the logical place to find tickets, especially if your budget is tight. Using eBay for this purpose, however, does require a degree of investigative enquiry to ensure you are not taken advantage of. One of the benefits of the eBay platform is that you can often strike a bargain with last minute tickets by a customer who needs to sell their tickets quickly.

eBay Buyer Precautions

If you peruse the boxing ticket listings on eBay, you can glean exactly is available and at what cost. Prices vary greatly between tickets, according to venue and participating boxers. Below are a few hints on how you can avoid making a purchase on an invalid, illegal, expensive, or any other ticket of dubious authenticity.

Investigate Your Seller

Getting to know who your seller is and their selling reputation on eBay is of critical importance. Always make the necessary checks and contact them personally. Being as sure as you can be that your designated seller is honest is the most essential part of purchasing event tickets on eBay.

Ticket Originality

If you purchase paper print out tickets, do not purchase from someone you suspect might keep for themselves the original copy of the ticket they sell to you. This potentially voids your purchase as both tickets then share the same barcode.

Venue and Date Verification

It is not uncommon for customers to order the wrong ticket, simply through neglecting to check all details carefully. It is an easy mistake to make, so take the time to make sure that all details in the listing match any given information on the ticket itself. This principle applies to all information provided by the seller. Any inconsistencies act as a warning.

Returns Policy

Always carefully check the returns policy of any seller that you may purchase from, as these policies can vary from seller to seller. You should only buy from those who have a refund policy. Make sure you are covered for event cancellation.

Delivery Time

As you purchase your ticket, you need an estimated arrival time, especially if you are late to make an order. It is important in this case to ensure your seller has the item in their possession at the time of purchase. If they themselves have to wait for the item, you may not receive your ticket in time for the event.

Type of Ticket

Before making a purchase, determine which type of ticket it is, whether it be a hard ticket or a paper ticket. Both formats are legitimate, but it is easier to create fraudulent tickets from paper print outs. Hard tickets are generally preferred. They provide a greater sense of security, and encourage greater care in storing them before the event.

How to Buy Boxing Tickets on eBay

You can search for boxing tickets on eBay by entering the search criteria "boxing tickets" into the search bar on every page, and refining your search further if you need to. You should check multiple listings before making a decision on which ticket to buy, and if a listed ticket that you are interested in is priced inordinately high, contact the seller to find out why that is. You may get it cheaper if you negotiate. Always find out as much as you can about your seller before making a purchase, as you need to know that you are about to purchase a valid ticket. Be sure not to skip over any fine print information; this may mean the difference between getting a refund in the event of cancellation or not.

Tickets are extremely light to post. If you find a seller who has listed an item with a high postage cost, either ask them about it or avoid them. There should be no justification for exorbitant prices to send a ticket, but it is something from which many sellers make a profit. eBay makes it easy to contact a seller if you have any questions. It is also advisable to check a seller's feedback and rating, and read the comments from previous sellers, especially if they have also purchased boxing tickets. Top-rated sellers have a large volume of successful sales and satisfied customers


Boxing can be a dangerous sport and requires a particular type of athlete to participate in it at elite level.  Today's robust and superfit boxers are highly trained and motivated, bouncing off the walls of their adrenalin and calculating their blows and ducks with incredible precision to opponents with whom they may share genuine friendship. Only a professional and detached mindset can achieve this objectivity and not let personal feelings, of either love or hate, get in the way of their objective.

eBay is the most cost effective way of obtaining tickets to many sporting events, including boxing, but as with all other sporting events, great caution must be exercised to avoid getting burnt. People have all sorts of reasons for following the sports they do, and as boxers can gain a great deal of encouragement and moral support from the crowd, particularly from family and friends, attending a match may prove valuable for the boxers' own experience as well.

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