Your Guide to Buying Bulbs for a Toyota

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Your Guide to Buying Bulbs for a Toyota

There are more people on the road today than there ever were before, and that number is likely to keep increasing as time goes one. There have been endeavours to create new ways of public transportation through buses and trains, but despite this, people still continue to want to travel privately. With so many drivers commuting every day, it is almost a surprise that it is also safer to drive now than it used to be. This is due to things such as new traffic laws and more driver awareness. However, technology is a big factor in reducing the number of accidents. Things like the lighting on cars are better and makes the vehicle more noticeable to those around it. In the early days, ineffective kerosene lamps which were not nearly bright enough. Now cars have ultra bright lights that make them visible from very long distances.

New automotive lighting can brighten up the Toyota's lights and change how the vehicle looks. There are a multitude of lights to choose from; some with different styles and some that go in unique locations such as under the vehicle. Upgrading a Toyota's lights is as simple as selecting the kind to get, and then finding ones that are compatible with the automobile.

Types of Auto Light Bulbs

All vehicles use a number of lights. Often, people get so used to them being there that they forget about them until the light goes out. The following section lists all of the kinds of lights that may need to be replaced.

Type of Car Light


Brake Lights

Located within the tail lights and they only come on when the brake pedal is pushed in; if these go out, the drivers behind will not know to slow down and could run into the Toyota; it is illegal to have burnt out brake lights so these must be replaced immediately if needed

Convenience Lights

The lights people often forget about; includes dome lights, floor lighting, and dashboard lighting; dome lighting can usually be replaced by the owner, but the dashboard lighting requires a professional to fix

Fog Lights

Not all vehicles have fog lights on them; useful for illuminating further ahead during bad weather; factory ones are usually mounted on the grille; aftermarket ones can be mounted anywhere

Headlight or Headlamp

The most expensive bulbs to replace; there are many different styles and kinds of headlights that buyers can choose, including brighter bulbs and even bulbs of a different colour

Side Marker Lights

Located on the sides of the vehicle so that drivers that are not directly in front of or behind the Toyota can still see it

Tail light

Turn on when the headlights do; as with headlights, there are a variety of styles and bulb options to select from

Turn signals

Indicate when the driver is about to turn; must be replaced as soon as they go out in order to avoid having an accident

Under car lighting

An entirely optional lighting; an accessory that some people put underneath the vehicle so make it look different at night; usually these are red, blue, or green

The bulbs listed above are the kinds of bulbs that shoppers may need to replace on their Toyota at some point. Shoppers have the option of buying stock or aftermarket replacement lights. The stock ones are the easiest to match up with the vehicle because they are made by the manufacturer. However, stock items are often more expensive than aftermarket ones and they look exactly the same as the previous ones did. If drivers want different lights, either as an upgrade or for personalisation, they have to go with the aftermarket ones.

Types of Bulbs for a Toyota

Auto bulbs vary in cost, style, and brightness. The brightness and cost depend on the type of bulb. For example, LED lights are very bright, but are more expensive to purchase. Halogen lights are more standard for vehicles because they are sufficiently bright and cost effective, but they have a tendency to burn out faster.

LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are among the brightest available and can more than double a driver's range of vision at night. More and more manufacturers are switching their vehicles from incandescent and xenon lights, to LEDs that last longer, are brighter, and are more visually appealing.

Advantages of Auto LED Lights


Brighter Illumination

Produce more light than all the other kinds of automobile lights; incandescent bulbs are rated at 14 lumens per watt, and LED bulbs are rated at 57 lumens per watt; directional lighting, rather than the emitted light shining in all directions and dissipating, the light is directed forward, which illuminates the path ahead much better; turn on and light up faster, other bulbs require some time to warm up before they have reached full brightness


Rather than using filaments, which are very fragile, LED lights use diodes; shock, vibration, temperature, and water resistant; contain no harmful chemical components; do not burn out as filaments do; very long lifespan

Energy Efficiency

Use around 85 per cent less energy to run; do not require a lot of heat to turn on and remain on like the incandescent lights do; only uses are 65 kilowatt-hours of energy in an entire year, which is a big improvement when compared to the 525 kilowatt-hours of an incandescent bulb

Low Heat

Do not require heat to function, nor do they produce heat; after hours of remaining on, and LED fixture still will not be hot to the touch

Relative Low Cost

More expensive than the other automotive light bulbs to purchase; however, since they last longer and require less energy from the Toyota's battery to operate, in most cases, they end up costing less to own in the long run

Many people rule out LED bulbs because of the initial high cost, but in truth, they are far more functional than any of the other lighting options, and over time that investment is earned back.

Halogen Bulbs

Halogen lights are what most manufacturers put into their vehicles. They are better than incandescent lights because they last longer and are brighter. Unfortunately, they still have filaments in them which means they are more susceptible to burnout and damage. When shopping for halogen replacements, make sure that they come encased with a weather resistant cover.

CCFL Bulbs

Cold cathode fluorescent, or CCFL,, lights have a unique, circular light pattern than many people find appealing. They produce a high concentrated beam that shines a good distance down the road. These are popular on sports cars that have a high performance, technical look.

How to Find Bulbs for a Toyota

Although auto shops do have bulbs for Toyotas, it is possible to find better deals online. Hundreds of bulb variations can be found on eBay,, which gives you the ability to shop from your home while still viewing a huge selection of products. It may seem overwhelming at first, but if you specify the kind of bulb that you want as well as the make and model of your Toyota, you'll be able to browse through a more specific list of options. For example, type "Toyota LED headlights&" into the eBay search bar and then click on the search button. This will bring up a huge list of all the LED headlights that will fit into a Toyota. However, make sure that you verify that they are compatible with the make and model of your vehicle. Sometimes they are only compatible with specific Toyota years.

When comparing listings, be sure to double check the postage cost between sellers. Some people will list their products for lower and then charge a higher price for shipping. Also, take the time to research the sellers. Check out each seller's feedback rating and read the comments from previous buyers, especially those who have bought bulbs from the seller. It is advisable to only deal with sellers with at least a 99 per cent rating. eBay's Top-Rated Sellers consistently offer good service to high volumes of customers.


Almost all of the lights on or in a vehicle are necessary to have in working condition. Even the interior ones such as the dome light should be replaced right away for convenience. Buyers can choose between a large variety of lights for their vehicle. New, custom bulbs can really change the overall appearance of the automobile. However, safety should always be the number one priority, and how functional the bulbs are is very important. It may be worth it to spend a little extra on LED lights that are brighter and less likely to stop working in the near future.

Some bulbs can be expensive to replace, especially if they are being upgraded, but shoppers can find better deals if they look around online and compare prices between sellers. So long as the bulbs come with a guarantee, buyers can rest assured knowing that they will be safe at night with their new lights.

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