Your Guide to Buying Carpet Tiles

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Your Guide to Buying Carpet Tiles

When a house is finished, it consists of painted walls, ceilings, and in many instances, tiled floorings. There are different types of tiles used to tile floors. Some of the most popular flooring tiles include ceramic tiles granite tiles, and marble tiles. However, there is also what is referred to as the carpet tiles. The carpet tile is innovative alternative to hard tiles like ceramics, natural stone, and porcelain.

Carpet tiles are also used as an alternative to traditional rolled carpets. They come in different materials, and colours. Many people prefer carpet tiles over traditional carpeting because it is more affordable, easier to install, and simpler to maintain and repair. This type of carpeting is popular in offices and in children’s rooms. It has a thicker base, and should one carpet tile become damaged, unlike rolled carpet, there is no need to replace the entire carpet, only a single carpet square. Carpet tiles can be purchased from high streets shops that specialise in carpets and rugs, but their selection is often limited and their prices may be high. Shoppers can find a wider selection of carpet tiles at very competitive prices on eBay.

What Is a Carpet Tile?

Carpet tiles are four-sided individual sections of carpet that is used instead of traditional rolled carpets. They are easy to install and to replace when needed. The base for carpet tiles are generally much thicker than traditional carpeting, making it suitable for high traffic areas like children’s bedrooms, hallways, and offices. Installing a carpet tile is very easy, and because the carpet tiles are modular, one can mix and match various colours, textures and designs to create one of a kind flooring.

Carpet tiles generally come in a uniform size of 50 by 50 centimetres and are available in both adhesive and nonadhesive varieties. Carpet tiles with adhesive backs can be installed by simply peeling off the protective plastic layer and sticking the sticky side down to the floor. For the non-adhesive carpet tiles, they can be installed by using an adhesive like double-sided tape. One simply sticks the tape on the underside of the carpet and then apply the carpet tile to the bare floor.

Carpet tiles are made of either wool or man-made fibre such as nylon or polyester. There are different types of carpet tiles and they are categorised by how they are woven: needle felt, knotted, or tufted. Some carpet tiles are also available in Damask fabric, which is adorned in patterns. There are also different grades of thickness to choose from. The texture of an carpet tile is generally quite smooth.

Carpet tiles are very cost effective. The tile has durable backing that cannot be easily peeled off from the floor nor can be easily scratched like vinyl. Any scratch, stains, or spills can be easily resolved by replacing just the damaged carpet tile, instead of having to rip out the whole carpet when a section of rolled carpet is stained or damaged.

Other Uses for Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles come with a number of uses. Some of the obvious ones have already been mentioned, like include its versatility, affordability, and its adaptability. Carpet tiles can be laid to cover almost any size surface area, but carpet tiles not just employed as floor covering.

Carpet tiles can also be framed in a lightweight wood frame and hung on a wall as art. Damask carpet tiles with their intricate patterns can make for beautiful pieces of art or they can be repurposed as colourful bulletin boards. Carpet tiles are also widely used as soundproofing materials. They absorb and isolate sounds that may reflect off bare, smooth walls and carry into other rooms, This is why carpet tiles are widely used in the recording studios.

Different Textures and Patterns

There are different patterns and textures available on the market. One can actually opt to lay carpet tiles of different colours and patterns side by side. For example, on one part of the floor one can put down carpet tiles in a solid colour, and then put down animal print carpet tiles right down next to those, with bright coloured carpet tiles off to one side. The mixing and matching of the colours and patterns is really up to the style sensibilities of the decorator, and so only limited by the decorator’s imagination. Some carpet tiles come with beautiful borders, while others come with an insect motif. Carpet tiles come in geometric prints, floral motifs and colours that range from muted earth tones to electric blue and fluoro pink.

Proper Maintenance of Carpet Tiles

Maintaining a carpet tile is not that all that difficult. The obvious way to clean carpet tiles is to clean them the same way you would clean a rolled carpet and that is to run a vacuum over a carpet tiled floor. Unlike hard tiled ceramic floors, carpet tiles tend to trap dust. As carpet tiles are often laid in children’s bedrooms, it is important to vacuum carpet tiles regularly. This removes allergens like dust and animal dander. For children prone to asthma it is important to go one step further and wash the carpet tiles occasionally. One may use clean hot water in the cleaning of carpet tiles. It is not however, advisable to use a detergent soap in cleaning a carpet tile. The harsh chemicals used in detergents may damage the printed patterns in the the carpet or alter the texture.

Dealing with Stains

Even if a child doesn’t have asthma there are spills and stains to consider. If the carpet tile has a nasty stain on it, it can cleaned by using a mild acid such as vinegar. Simply dilute the vinegar by 50 percent with clean, warm water and blot the stained area with a clean cloth. This procedure breaks down the stain, making it easier to remove with a cloth. After the stain has been removed, carefully clean the spot with water to remove the vinegar residue. If the tile needs to be lifted and removed for cleaning, make sure that the carpet tile is dry before putting it back.

Avoid drying a carpet tile in a dryer or using a blow drier as the heat may damage the tile. However, if the carpet tile is badly damaged or severely stained, the individual carpet tile can be simply removed and be replaced with a new one. There is no need to replace the entire carpet since they are installed individually. To find a replacement carpet tile, simply search for one on eBay.

How to Find Carpet Tiles on eBay

When looking for a replacement carpet tile, or carpet tiles to tile a room, it is important to try and get a good deal. This material is already an affordable alternative to rolled carpets and hard tile flooring, but you can still get good deals on carpet tiles if you know where to look online. The best deals to be had are on eBay. This online marketplace boasts thousands of listings for carpet tiles in various colours and patterns.  you .

Start with a Keyword Search

To begin your search for carpet tiles, go to the eBay home page and enter a description of the carpet tiles you are looking for into the search bar. The more specific your search query, the fewer the results, but the more targeted your search is. If you would much rather browse through the current listings for carpet tiles, simply enter a generic search phrase like "carpet tiles" into the search bar. The site’s search engine then populates a results page with all the listings for carpet tiles currently for sale. You can refine the search by selecting and deselecting various search filters. You can sort listings based on the room to be tiled (bedroom, home office, or kitchen), main colour, and style (contemporary, light patterned, plain or textured).


One way to make floors more appealing is to tile them. You could use hard tiles, or lay rolled carpet. A hybrid of the two is the carpet tile. They come in a variety of colours and styles, including myriad patterns and textures. Carpet tiles are incredibly easy to install. One just needs to pull the cover off  the back, exposing the adhesive, and stick the carpet tile to the floor. Because carpet tiles are laid individually, if one is damaged, worn out, or suffers a nasty stain, one just needs to pull up the offending carpet tile and replace it with another. There is no need to go to the huge expense of laying a whole new rolled carpet. With rolled carpets, you are restricted to one colour and texture, with carpet tiles, you can vary the colour and texture from one tile to the next.

A decorator can create a patchwork of patterns and colours and they are only limited by their imagination. Along with being easy to clean, carpet tiles are hardwearing and are the perfect flooring for high traffic areas like offices and kid’s bedrooms. Whether you are looking for a single tile or a hundred carpet tiles, you can find carpet tiles of every stripe on eBay.

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