Your Guide to Buying Clip-In Hair Extensions

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Your Guide to Buying Clip-In Hair Extensions

Many women find that the appearance of their hair is very important to their overall look, and many spend a great deal of time and money making sure their hair is both beautiful and stylish. Women who seek long and voluminous hair may purchase extensions; in this case, clip-in hair extensions could be the perfect choice. Clip-in hair extensions are fixed onto the hair using clips, thus making them very easy to attach and remove. To add a vibrant touch to a woman’s hair, she can dye the extensions to her colour of choice instead of dying her own hair. Clip-in hair extensions can either be synthetic or natural. They are available in various lengths, styles, and colour shades to match different types of women’s hair.

With clip-in hair extensions, a woman can instantly transform her appearance from a conservative and professional look during the day to a more casual one in the evening, perhaps for a dinner date after work. Whether a woman is looking for a voluminous look, or just a different hair colour, choosing the right clip-in hair extension is important to achieve the right look. Clip-in hair extensions can be purchased from beauty supply shops, women’s salons, and through the online auction site, eBay. When purchasing clip-in hair extensions, a woman should understand the different types of extensions, their various colours, available extension lengths, hair extension styles, and how they are attached.

Types of Clip-In Hair Extensions

There are two major types of clip-in hair extensions: natural and synthetic. Clip-in hair extensions that are natural are made from human hair, while synthetic hair extensions are made from various synthetic materials that are made to resemble human hair.

Natural Clip-In Hair Extensions

Human clip-in hair extensions are created for women who use heat on their hair from time-to-time when styling it. Since they are made from natural human hair, they can be treated as such when it comes to styling. They are also perfect for women who prefer a more natural-looking style. These are the ideal extensions for women who want to make the most out of their hair addition. Even though natural extensions are more expensive than synthetic extensions, they are worth the investment due to their durability and resistance to heat. They can be washed with shampoo and also straightened using heat styling elements just as if they were a woman’s own hair.

Synthetic Clip-In Hair Extensions

Synthetic clip-in hair extensions are made of artificial materials. Heat from curling tongs, hair straighteners, hair dryers, or any other source cannot be used on synthetic extensions because they can melt when exposed to heat. However, they can be styled as desired using non-heated hair equipment. Unlike their counterparts, they are less expensive.

Clip-In Hair Extension Colours

Women all over the world naturally differ in terms of their skin tone, hair length, hair colour, and individual styles and preferences. Just like the variety of distinct features in women, clip-in hair extensions are also diverse in colour and texture so that every woman can find her perfect match. Whereas some women prefer short hair, others like it long; and as some women like to dye their hair different colours, others prefer to maintain their natural hair colour. Therefore, every woman has access to the hair extensions that suit her preferences. For a look that best suits a woman, she should opt for a set of clip-in hair extensions that most closely matches the texture of her natural hair. It is best to choose hair extensions that are as close to a woman’s real hair as possible, which allows the extensions to blend in naturally with the rest of a woman’s locks.

Clip-In Hair Extension Length

Extensions vary in length so as to suit different tastes and preferences of women. This ensures that those seeking long hair can wear long extensions, while those who seek short or medium hair lengths find their perfect match while maintaining their natural appearance. Although hair extensions are available in a variety of different lengths, they typically range from 15 cm to over 38 cm in length.

Brand of Clip-in Hair Extension

Clip-in hair extensions are produced by various companies around the world in both natural and synthetic styles. The best extensions are those from known brands that are popular for their quality hair additions. The best clip-in hair extension brands are a matter of personal opinion, since some women may value reasonable prices over quality, while others may value ease of use over style. Typically, however, the best quality clip-in hair extensions are those that are marked grade A, which indicates that the extensions are made completely of natural human hair. One of the leading brands of natural clip-in hair extensions is Remy.

Styles of Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in extensions are available in various styles, namely: wavy, straight, and curly textures. Different styles complement different women, with the shape of the woman’s face being the most important factor. Whereas some women have round or oval faces, others have square, heart-shaped, long, or protruded faces. Knowing the shape of your face and the hairstyle that matches it is key to achieving your best look. This is due to the fact that different styles flatter different shapes of the face. For instance, an oval face is well balanced, hence it can be flattered by nearly any style available on the market, except for straight and long styles, which make the face appear more elongated. These hair styles should be accompanied by fringes, which are side-swept in order to balance the shape of the face.

Curly and fringe styles that are either side-swept or blunt cut are perfect for the round or heart-shaped face because they flatter the face by concealing a protruding forehead. Curly and wispy styles are suitable for square faces as well, due to the fact that they accentuate the face to make it seem curvier and softer than it is in actuality.

For the fun-loving and funky woman, there are many creative styles available of clip-in hair extensions, such as printed hair with stripes and alternating colours, braids, feathered hair, and several others.

Clip-In Hair Extension Fasteners

Clip-in hair extensions are attached to a woman’s natural hair with a special type of clip that is manufactured for the sole purpose of attaching to human hair. Finding the right type of clip-in extensions is important because they should not be uncomfortable or damage a woman’s hair. The claw clips used to attach hair extensions to a woman’s hair should be small in size and should match the colour shade of both a woman’s hair and the hair extension. Unlike large, silver alligator clips, claw clips have fasteners that prevent them from being noticed by others.

Cost of Clip-in Hair Extensions

The cost of clip-in hair extensions can vary greatly depending upon the seller, the brand, the type, whether they are purchased in a shop or online, and their market demand. It is important for every woman who yearns for hair extensions to know that cheap may actually be expensive in the long run, and not all expensive extensions are of a good quality. Though affordability and quality go hand-in-hand, browsing with a budget ensures that a woman can only purchase what she can afford without straining her finances. Furthermore, natural clip-in hair extensions typically cost more than their synthetic counterparts, although human hair extensions have the added benefits of being treated, and appearing, as natural hair.

Buying Clip-In Hair Extensions on eBay

eBay is one of the best and largest online auction sites available, which sells a range of clip-in hair extensions in different sizes, colours, and even styles from which the classy woman can choose. Whether you want dark, bright, or light hair extension colours, there is a wide array from which to choose. As described above, a woman must know her hair type in order to find the perfect extensions that can blend in naturally with her hair. The colour and size of the clips are also important to ensure that they match the texture, tone, and colour shade of a woman’s hair.

With just a simple search using the eBay search bar on any page of the website, you can find your ideal hair extensions. This is particularly true if you are sure about the exact type of hair extensions that you want. For instance, if you type “synthetic clip-in hair extension” into the search bar, a variety of extensions are displayed for you from which to choose.


With clip-in hair extensions, women’s lives are made easier because they can almost instantly lengthen or change their hair to suit their mood or style. Best of all, women can virtually change their appearance with clip-in hair extensions right from their homes. Clip-in hair extensions are unlike other extensions where a woman is expected to visit a hair specialist and spend so much time and money to alter her hair in order to achieve her desired look. Clip-in extensions are available in several colours, styles, designs, and types. Depending on the shape of your face, you can choose straight, curly, or even wavy extensions that accentuate your best features.

It is important to note that even though a woman has a choice of selecting the best hair extensions for her needs, choosing the right extensions cannot be overlooked. A woman’s hair texture and colour should be similar to that of the clip-in extensions she is wanting to buy. Purchasing the extensions from a reputable dealer, such as those found on eBay, is also a must. Peruse the website to see which clip-in hair extensions are available, and choose those that best suit your needs.

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