Your Guide to Buying Concealer Applicators on eBay

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Your Guide to Buying Concealer Applicators on eBay

Most women rely on foundation and concealer to provide the appearance of flawless skin. It is important to use the right tools when applying any kind of make-up, and concealer is no exception. Because concealer is designed to cover blemishes, redness and under eye circles, the finish achieved needs to be perfect. Whilst many women rely on using their fingers to blend their concealer, there are far better tools available on the market to use.

By shopping online, on websites such as eBay, a wide range of concealer applicators can be found, from small brushes for cream concealer to cosmetic sponges for blending liquid formulations. The type of applicator used will depend on the formulation of concealer being applied, but is also a matter of personal preference. Buying make-up brushes and sponges on the high street can often cost a lot of money, but by purchasing in bulk on eBay, significant savings can be made.

Types of Concealer Applicators Available

There are many different types of concealer applicators available to buy online, and websites such as eBay always have a wide range to choose from. Here are some of the options:

  • Small concealer brush – these brushes are small and usually have a pointed tip – some are similar in shape to an eyeshadow brush, but those with a tapered end are easier to use when blending concealer around the nose or in difficult to reach areas.
  • Wand – most liquid concealers come with a wand applicator that has a sponge on the end. This is generally used to apply the concealer to the skin, and then a brush, fingers or a cosmetic sponge is used for blending.
  • Eyeshadow brush – if a concealer brush is not available, a clean eyeshadow brush can be used to apply concealer. Flat eyeshadow brushes are roughly the same shape as a concealer brush, although without the pointed tip.
  • Cosmetic sponge – a cosmetic sponge is ideal for blending concealer and applying foundation. For areas which are dry or flaky, dampening the sponge slightly can help in blending to a flawless finish.
  • Kabuki brush – this looks like a blusher brush in size and shape, and is used for applying mineral powder foundations and concealers over larger areas of skin (for example, to cover redness).

Which Concealer Applicator for Which Formulation?

Because there are so many different types of applicators available, as well as different formulations of concealer, it can be difficult to know which applicator is best for which formulation. The below table will help to explain.

Type of Applicator


Small concealer brush

Best used with cream and liquid concealers, this type of brush is also ideal for using with concealer palettes – two or more shades of concealer can be custom blended to match skin tone.

Eyeshadow brush

Perfect for blending cream and liquid concealer, or applying light reflective concealer under the eyes.

Kabuki brush

This type of brush is used with powder concealers and foundations such as Mineral Make-up – Bare Escentuals offer a range of Kabuki brushes which are soft and gentle to skin, and can be found at reasonable prices on websites such as eBay.

Cosmetic sponge

Perfect for blending cream or liquid concealer – by dampening the sponge slightly, harder to blend formulas will glide over the skin.


Fingers can be used to blend all types of concealer – the heat from skin will help to spread the product. It is important to ensure fingers are clean to prevent spreading bacteria and causing breakouts.

Small Concealer Brushes

Small concealer brushes can be found online on websites such as eBay, and they are often for sale at very affordable prices in comparison to buying them in stores on the high street. It is a personal choice which shape of brush to buy, but most concealer brushes feature a slightly tapered or pointed tip, to allow for easy application and blending in hard-to-reach areas, such as around the nose.

It is possible to purchase a concealer brush as part of a make-up brush set, and this can often be a great way to save money. Those who take their make-up application seriously, or are considering becoming a make-up artist may wish to invest more in a range of professional brushes – MAC Concealer Brush is popular with make-up professionals worldwide, thanks to its slightly tapered tip which makes blending a breeze.

Kabuki Brushes

Shopping on eBay for Kabuki brushes is a very wise option. Soft Kabuki brushes are used to apply mineral or powder make-up such as foundation and concealer as well as blusher and bronzer, so they are a worthwhile investment. The brush usually has a short, rather stubby handle and a large rounded head, which is made of synthetic fibres.

Kabuki brushes from brands such as Bare Minerals are used to apply and gently buff mineral make-up into the skin for a perfect finish. It is possible to find make-up kits online which include the powder concealer or foundation and the brush, and this can often be a great way to save money.

Cosmetic Sponges

Make-up or cosmetic sponges are one of the most popular tools of the trade when it comes to applying foundation and concealer. Because they can be found in bulk packs online, on websites such as eBay, they are an affordable choice for those looking to blend their concealer perfectly.

Cosmetic sponges come in a variety of different shapes, including:

In addition, it is possible to find smooth cosmetic sponges and those that are more porous, and the type of sponge chosen will depend on the formulation of concealer being applied. A teardrop shaped or triangular shaped sponge is ideal for concealer application as it allows concealer to be applied to hard-to-reach areas such as around the nose more easily. A cosmetic sponge can be dampened for easier blending of liquid foundation and concealer, and this is ideal for individuals with sensitive or dry, flaky skin, as well as for under the eyes to avoid ‘tugging’ the delicate skin in this area.

Eyeshadow Brushes

For those women who do not want to invest in a range of brushes for application of different products, a clean eyeshadow brush can be used instead of a concealer brush, to similar effect. It is best to use a small, flat eyeshadow brush with synthetic bristles, which can be easily cleaned after the concealer has been applied and blended. These brushes can be found on websites such as eBay at an affordable price.

Because eyeshadow brushes are designed for blending and specifically created for the delicate eye area, they are a great choice for those looking to apply concealer to sensitive skin, and can be used to blend liquid and cream concealers, building up coverage to create perfect skin.

How to Choose the Perfect Concealer Applicator

When choosing the perfect type of applicator for concealer, it is a case of identifying which type of applicator works best with the formulation of concealer being applied – for example a brush works best with cream concealer – but it is also a case of personal preference and what is affordable. Whilst some applicators are more expensive than others, bargains can often be found in the make-up brush section on eBay, where professional brands such as Bobbi Brown and MAC can be found.

Many women prefer to use a cosmetic sponge to apply both concealer and foundation, and find that this gives the most natural finish, particularly when slightly dampened before use. A sponge is perfect for blending around the nose and delicate eye area, and it is easy to clean. In addition, cosmetic sponges are fairly reasonably priced, and websites such as eBay often sell them in bulk, so it is easy to change them regularly without spending a fortune.

How to Buy Concealer Applicators on eBay

The easiest way to buy Concealer Applicators online is to explore eBay. Just visit eBay and go to the drop-down menu of categories, which you will find on the left-hand side of the page. Select Health and Beautyand this will open up a list of sub-categories. Go to Make-up & Tools and select Brushes & Applicators from the left-hand menu. From here, the type of brush desired, such as ‘concealer brush’ can be typed into the search box at the top of the page to bring up a list of available options.

Searches can be narrowed using a certain term if looking for something specific. Just type the words related to the search, such as ‘Bobbi Brown Concealer Brush’ into the main search box. For further tips on how to search eBay, go to the Search Tips page.


There is a wide range of concealer applicators to choose from, and each applicator is best used with a specific formulation of concealer. By choosing the right applicator to match the concealer formulation used, a flawless finish can be achieved. It is also a case of personal preference as to whether to use a brush or sponge for applying and blending concealer – those with dry, flaky skin may prefer a slightly dampened cosmetic sponge to a small brush.

By using applicators to apply concealer to skin, a professional finish can be easily achieved by anyone. Make-up artists always use brushes on their models to create perfect skin, and with the huge range of applicators available on eBay, all women are now able to achieve the same results from the comfort of their own homes.

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