Your Guide to Buying Decorative Parchment Paper

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Your Guide to Buying Decorative Parchment Paper

When you need to print a special letter or an important document, regular printer paper may seem too bland. Instead, use decorative parchment paper to create a unique look and give your document a touch of elegance. Before you buy parchment paper, find out some of its uses, discover the types or parchment paper that are available, and make sure that its design suits your needs.


Understand the Types of Parchment Paper

Parchment is available in a couple of different forms. Traditionally, parchment is animal skin, stretched very thin and specially treated so that users can print on it or write on it. The animal skins typically used to produce parchment are sheepskin, goatskin, or calfskin. Calfskin prepared in this manner is called vellum. If you do not like the idea of printing or writing on animal skin, opt for cellulose fibre parchment paper instead. Manufacturers create this style of parchment using cotton or flax fibres or the fibres from fir trees, and the result looks and feels much like traditional parchment. However, this plant fibre parchment lacks the longevity of true parchment. Before you shop for decorative parchment paper, decide whether you want genuine parchment paper or imitation parchment paper. One other kind of parchment paper has a silicone base, but users employ it for baking rather than writing or printing.


Determine the Purpose of the Parchment Paper

Identify the purpose for which you plan to use the parchment. You may need it for documentation of an important life event, such as a birth or a wedding. Sometimes people print or write deeds or contracts on parchment so that the documents last longer. Key government documents with historical significance often appear on parchment as well. In everyday life, you may choose to print a letter to someone special on a beautiful piece of decorative parchment paper.


Decide on Embellishments for the Parchment Paper

Decorative parchment paper usually has a faint texture or pattern across its surface. Sometimes, manufacturers also imprint the paper with a lovely design around the edges or along one side. Sprays of flowers, subtle geometric designs, or paintings in a very faint wash encircle the text that you print on the paper. Imprinted or embellished parchment paper works well for personal letters to friends and family members. When you select a pattern or print for your parchment paper, make sure that it is not so colourful as to overwhelm the text that you plan to print or write on it.


Consider Translucent Parchment Paper

Translucent parchment paper offers a cloudy, see-through surface, usually adorned with images or patterns. Typically, you do not print or write on this type of parchment paper. Instead, use it as a decorative layer to cover a document or invitation. Often, wedding invitations involve a layer or two of translucent, decorative parchment paper. Translucent parchment paper also appears in certain books or bound documents.

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