Your Guide to Buying Dependable Wheels With Tyres

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Your Guide to Buying Dependable Wheels With Tyres

More than just about any other disposable part of a car, tyres are vital to keep in good shape. In addition to the tyres, the wheels are extremely important to performance, but unlike the tyres they hold, the wheels on a car can be as much a statement as they can be a functional component. No matter if you are a purist and faithfully run stock wheels, or if you tend to be a little flashier and use the sleeker wheels available on your ride, when it comes time to replace either type, you need to first take a look at the owner's manual when purchasing wheels. Additionally, one must consider factors such as driving conditions and driving habits when determining the type of wheels one needs.

Although wheels are available at car maintenance shops, car enthusiasts of all types can find what they are looking for on eBay. Whether it is street tyres, off-road tyres, winter tyres, or something for your show car, eBay can help you find the wheels you need. The website also makes it possible for you to find quality wheels at better prices than those a retail tire shop can offer.

Finding Dependable Wheels with Tyres Starts with the Owner’s Manual

Installing the wrong size wheels and tyres on your vehicle can be dangerous and damaging to the vehicle. A four-wheel drive vehicle, for instance, must have all four tyres the same size and tread type, or it can damage the transmission and drivetrain and cause issues. In order to know what size and type of tyres and wheels you can use on your vehicle, consult the vehicle owner’s manual. There should be a section on tyres and wheels, discussing sizes and relevant information. Every car maker has a particular brand and style tyre that is recommended for the vehicle.

If, for some reason, you do not have an owner’s manual, then you may refer to automobile manufacturers' websites. Auto makers provide part numbers, tyre sizes, and other maintenance and accessory information on their web pages. In addition, vehicle parts information can be found in vehicle repair manuals. These manuals are published by car makers and independent publishers, and not only do they have information on parts, but they also offer instructions on how to complete regular maintenance and repairs. You can also find information on what size wheels can be used on the vehicle; this can change if modifications are made to the car that raise its profile, but stock sizes are where you start.

Many Factors Determine What Type of Tyres to Buy

Along with having the proper size of tyres, it is important that the vehicle's performance requirements are met. So, knowing the performance requirements is critical in determining the type of tyre you actually need. As for size, unless the vehicle has been modified, the majority of vehicles can only take around a plus or minus three percent diameter increase or decrease from factory recommendations. Tyres in the wrong size can cause performance issues in vehicles and possible damage in others, including significantly shortening the life of the tyres. To help in selecting the right type of tyre needed to meet performance requirements, you need to identify what the normal driving conditions, which may include snow or sand.

Evaluate Normal Driving Conditions and Driving Habits

The best way to evaluate your normal driving conditions is to do a self-evaluation, and employ a little compare and contrast. By looking at your driving conditions year-round, you can easily determine the type of tyre that can deliver high performance.

Driving Scenarios


Bad Driving Conditions vs. Good Driving Conditions

Using a rotating system of summer tyres and winter tyres (also called snow tyres) provides the ideal performance for the months of the year when they are used

Using a great set of summer tyres may all year may seem great on paper; however it can pose problems in icy rains, sleet, and snows of winter

Typical Driving Conditions

Congested city and expressway driving requires highly responsive tyres

Long haul driving on highways requires smooth, long-wearing, and quiet tyres

Mountainous or twisting and turning roads require highly responsive and strong road-gripping tyres

Off-road driving for recreation, or as is needed on farming roads, requires a heavy tread and thick construction to reduce flat tyres

Balancing Driving Condition Requirements

If you only infrequently see significant snowfall or heavy icing, an all-weather tyre may be ideal

Using the same tyres all year, even all-season tyres can result in additional wear that requires more frequent replacement

Of course, weather is only one part of the story of driving conditions, a very important part, but still just a part. The weather and the road type can combine to either make the conditions very favourable or very unpleasant.

When evaluating normal driving habits, it is necessary for drivers to be honest with themselves about how they drive their vehicles. Look at any tyre manufacturer's advertising and published information, and there is generally a mention about how improper driving habits can be detrimental to tyre performance and length of life. Stomping down on the accelerator and spinning the tyres can burn multiple layers of rubber from tyres. Likewise, running a vehicle up onto curb sides and parking it that way can damage the tyre by breaking the steel belts inside. Steel belts can also be broken by driving a vehicle on roads not fit for the tyres or by driving off roads entirely. Additionally, jerky stopping and starting, and erratic driving at high speeds can also damage tyres and may even cause blowouts.

Once you have completed the evaluation process and chosen the set of tyres you are going to buy, the search for great deals can take begin. eBay Motors is an online website where dealers, individual sellers, and even terrestrial businesses have offerings to fit almost every need. Brands represented on eBay Motors include, but are not limited to, BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, Cooper, Firestone, Goodyear, Uniroyal, and many more.

Style and Availability Dictate Choice of Dependable Wheels

Wheels are one of the places on a vehicle where a driver can really let personal tastes shine through. For some, it is the lure of vintage wheels for a classic ride, while for others it is the latest aftermarket rims available to set their ride apart. The type of wheel that you need to buy is based on the size of the tyres and the size of wheels your vehicle can accommodate to perform properly. Often, the trend is to plus-size, which basically means going up by one size. Care must be taken when doing this, as plus-sizing can change the accuracy of the speedometer; the change may be slight, but should be adjusted by a properly trained vehicle technician.

There are multiple styles of wheels for light trucks, cars, SUVs, and compacts, so choosing a style that suits a vehicle might take a little patience. While the true test is actually installing new wheels, if they do not meet your vision, you may feel cheated. To help avoid this, many wheel manufacturers provide catalogues online that show the wheels on the types of vehicles they are really intended for. Simply find the family of wheels your vehicle fits in, and look at the options. Take your time and consider different brands. While you are browsing the various brands and styles, write down the model number for shopping later. Just as in the case of tyres, when you begin the search for new wheels, you can find good deals on great brands online at eBay Motors.

Buying Dependable Wheels with Tyres on eBay

Any page on eBay is a portal to finding what you want by simply entering the search term for the item you are looking for into the search bar on the page.

A shopper who is familiar with the eBay format should be aware of the concept of bundling. This is the process of simply buying multiple items from the same seller to save on shipping charges. Buying tyres and wheels together is ideally suited for the bundling concept. As with the individual searches for Tyres and Wheel Rims, select "Wheels with Tyres" from the available menu options and then search the results. For all these searches on eBay Motors, when the results pages open, you may narrow your search by selecting from the filter options available on the website. You can choose from options including make, model, rim width, rim manufacturer, tyre width, and new or used condition, among others.

Bundling extends to the accessories and necessities that go along with the wheels and tyres that are being purchased. Lug nuts, valve caps, and wheel spacers are just a few of the items that can be found by searching within the results pages on eBay.


When the time comes to purchase new wheels and tyres for any type vehicle, knowing what you need and what can perform well is the first step to finding the right set. This applies regardless of whether the reason for purchase is purely functional or a case of personal style. It is important to bear in mind the typical driving conditions as well as one's own driving style when choosing dependable wheels with tyres.

Checking in the vehicle owner’s manual can generally provide the proper size and style of tyre that is recommended by the manufacturer. Depending on the reason for purchase, the sizes of tyres and wheels may be changed from factory standard. For many vehicles, this is no problem at all; for some, there may need to be vehicle body or frame modifications.

When shopping for wheels with tyres, one can benefit from shopping for them on eBay Motors. Wheel and tyre manufacturers, dealers, and individuals come together on this website to offer great deals on the wheels and tyres you need.

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