Your Guide to Buying Designer Concealers

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Your Guide to Buying Designer Concealers

What is Designer Concealer?

Designer concealer is any concealer which has been created by a luxury brand. Some of the most popular brands of designer concealer are listed below – all can be found for reasonable prices online, on websites such as eBay:

  • Chanel
  • Yves Saint Laurent
  • Estee Lauder
  • Laura Mercier
  • Benefit
  • Lancôme

Whilst some would not consider Laura Mercier and Benefit to be a ‘designer’ brand concealer, these formulations often cost much more than average high street cosmetics, so many people class them as a designer or luxury brand.

Most designer brands will have a range of cosmetics designed to complement each other, for example Chanel’s Lift Lumiere concealer is part of their Perfection Lumiere range of cosmetics.

What Are the Best Designer Brands

When choosing concealer, there is no one designer brand that is better than the others. It is a very personal decision as to which brand, formulation and shade best suits an individual’s skin tone and type. For sensitive skin, Lancôme and Chanel have gained a reputation for make-up that does not irritate and can be found easily online for discounted prices, at websites such as eBay.

For women with mature or dehydrated skin, Estee Lauder’s range of foundations and concealers are anti-aging and moisturising. For younger women looking to hide blemishes or dark circles, Benefit is one of the most popular designer brands around today. However many professional make-up artists swear by Laura Mercier’s range of concealers. Her Secret Camouflage concealer comes in a palette with two shades that can be custom-blended to create the perfect colour. By using a small concealer brush such as those found for sale on eBay, a flawless complexion can be easily achieved.

Designer Versus High Street – Which is Better?

The jury is out as to whether designer concealers are better than high street brands. Whilst many women swear by high-end, luxury skincare and cosmetics, others achieve similar results with high street products, and it is really a matter of budget and personal choice as to which is better. Nowadays, more people than ever before can afford designer brand cosmetics thanks to websites such as eBay, who offer these products at reasonable prices.

Many people opt for designer concealers as they presume luxury brands do not test on animals – this is sadly not true. Whilst many designer brands do not test directly on animals themselves, the ingredients for their products may be tested on animals, and often the manufacturers working for brands such as Chanel are not fully aware of whether ingredients have been used in animal testing or not.

It is true that many designer concealers offer smoother, finer coverage than high street brands. But if budget is a concern, samples of designer concealers can often be purchased for very reasonable prices on eBay, allowing the individual to test a product before committing to buying the full version. For high levels of coverage, some of the designer brands, such as Make-up Forever are unbeatable – they are used by make-up artists looking for a flawless finish, even on problem skin.

Designer Concealers and Their Ingredients

Comparing the ingredients of a high street concealer and a designer concealer side by side can be quite enlightening. While a designer concealer such as Lancôme contains some natural ingredients – their Effacernes Concealer has honey and Chamomile listed amongst the many ingredients. High street brands such as Rimmel’s Wake-Me-Up concealer are filled with complicated chemical names. From the ingredients listed, it is easy to see why designer concealers give a smoother and more flawless finish to the face – Lancôme add Ozokerite, an antistatic compound, to their make-up as well as including UVA and UVB sunscreen in the formulation.

Whilst the ingredients in designer concealers goes some way to explaining why they are more expensive than high street brands, it is also the brand’s reputation and the packaging that the customer is paying for.

Designer Concealer Packaging

Sometimes it is worth keeping in mind that when buying a luxury brand such as Chanel, the reputation of the company and the packaging of their make-up range is sometimes seen as more important than the cosmetics themselves.

Whilst high street brands such as Rimmel or Revlon opt for simple, understated packaging which allows individuals to focus on the product benefits, Chanel’s new range of cosmetics are always beautifully packaged in black and gold, with the Chanel logo on each item. When deciding whether or not to pay extra for a designer concealer, take into account that the marketing, brand and packaging are often the main reasons why these concealers are more expensive than other brands.

Designer Brands and Animal Testing

Allegedly, many luxury brands do still test on animals, or use ingredients which have been tested on animals at some point. In 2012, many of the luxury beauty brands, such as Yves Rocher, were forced to remove the logo on their products which stated that they were not tested on animals. This is because these companies decided to sell their products to China, and by law all beauty products and cosmetics in China must first be tested on animals. Here are a few of the most popular designer concealer brands and their policies on animal testing.


Do They Test on Animals?









Liz Earle


Yves Saint Laurent


Estee Lauder




Mary Kay


Urban Decay


It is shocking to see that many of the most popular designer brands still test on animals, although it is very important to note that some do include the proviso that they only do so when required to by law. For example, Clinique is making every attempt to avoid testing any of its products on animals, but in some instances they may be required to by outside legislation.

This may be one factor that leads people to choose one brand over another when shopping for designer concealer on websites such as eBay.

Choosing the Perfect Designer Concealer

When choosing the perfect designer concealer, a few factors need to be taken into account. Budget will be a consideration, as will the packaging of the concealer, the formulation, range of shades available and what level of coverage it provides.

Those looking for a concealer which provides buildable coverage should choose a palette or pot concealer in a cream formulation, which can be applied using a small concealer brush. Laura Mercier and Chanel do the best cream concealers, and these are suitable for all skin types. When buying designer concealers online, on websites such as eBay, it is even more important to make sure that the concealer and skin tone match perfectly, as designer brands are often very expensive. By purchasing sample sizes, available on eBay, it is easy to try out a product before buying the full size.

Most designer concealers come in a wide range of shades to suit all skin tones, from the very fair through to darker complexions. Those with very dark skin may struggle to find a concealer that does not look ‘chalky’ when shopping on the high street, but by choosing a designer palette which contains several shades of concealer; these can be blended for the perfect custom colour.

Some women pick their concealer by the colourful or elegant packaging – Benefit’s cosmetics range features fun and vibrant retro packaging which appeals to younger women, whereas Chanel and Lancôme boast classic and elegant styles which may appeal more to more mature ladies.


Choosing designer concealer is a very personal experience. Whilst the packaging may initially attract the buyer to the product, there are a range of formulations, shades and brands to choose from, and it can be difficult finding the correct one to match skin tone and type. Luckily, websites such as eBay often have sample or trial pots and tubes available to purchase at a very reasonable price, allowing people to sample designer concealers and foundations before committing to buying the full-price product.

Concealer will always be a popular product with women looking for the perfect complexion, and designer concealers often contain ingredients such as anti-inflammatories, designed to smooth and calm the skin, so that it looks healthier, even without make-up.

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