Your Guide to Buying Durable Carpet

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Your Guide to Buying Durable Carpet

Not all carpets are made equal. Even some varieties offered by trusted brands begin to pill or mat shortly after installation, or they may prove impossibly difficult to keep clean. There are a few simple tricks which help buyers identify durable carpet, and there few key carpetmaking materials and construction types which are proven more long lasting than other varieties.

In general, many durable carpets are manufactured using strong synthetic or hardy natural fibres. They are found with both thick and thin pile, and they found in many user-friendly options which include rolls or tiles. In both cases, individuals should expect a durable carpet to be more costly than alternatives which have less longevity.

Those looking to purchase durable carpet should consider doing so online via websites such as eBay. These websites, while they may not offer the selection of many retail stores, are instead likely to offer buyers the opportunity to grab a quality product at a bargain price.

Types of Durable Carpets

There are many types of durable carpets available to consumers, though some types are best suited for different applications. The qualities of the pile or individual yarns are primarily what determines a carpet's durability. Shoppers should also consider the placement and function of the carpet which they intend to buy when determining the type of carpet which is best for their needs.

Most Durable Pile Height in Carpets

A carpet's pile height is arguably one of the largest factors which determine the durability of a carpet. Though a taller pile height is often more comfortable, shorter heights are generally the most durable.

Short Pile Heights

According to the Carpet and Rug Institute, buyers find that carpets under two centimetres tall prove the most durable in high-traffic areas. Carpets which are taller in height are likely to be visibly compressed in high-traffic spots, which quickly detracts from a carpet's overall appearance.

Tall Pile Heights

Shoppers more interested in the longevity of a carpet and its response to potential staining agents, rather than accommodating high traffic, may consider using taller pile heights. Tall pile heights are generally more comfortable to walk over and are sometimes more visibly attractive.

Most Durable Fibres Used in Carpets

Though most carpets are manufactured using a combination of fibres, some fibres hold up to heavy wear more than others. When searching for durable carpets, be sure to look for ones which incorporate some or all of these fibres.

Nylon Fibres

Nylon is strong and relatively easy for manufacturers to dye. For individuals purchasing carpet particularly for high-traffic areas, a carpet manufactured with a high per cent of nylon content is strongly recommended. Nylon resists compression and in slightly variegated colours, easily and effectively resists staining.

Polyester Fibres

Polyester fibre is found in carpets in two varieties: traditional polyester and PET (polyethelyne terephthalate) polyester. Traditional polyester fibres in carpets are not known for their durability, but PET polyesters by contrast are known for their resistance to abrasion and stains. Most PET fibre carpets are made from recycled plastics and are a solid choice for environmentally friendly carpets.

Olefin Fibres

Olefin, also marketed as polypropylene, is colour fast and stain resistant. It is one of the cheapest fibres used in carpet manufacturing, making it an ideal choice for those on a limited budget. Unfortunately, it is poor at resisting crushing or compaction, and it should be bought in super-low pile if individuals wish to purchase a carpet which performs against this as well.

Wool Fibres

For those seeking natural alternatives to synthetics, wool carpet possess characteristics similar to nylon. It resists staining and crushing very well, and it has the additional bonus of also being fire resistant. Unfortunately, it is often more expensive than other fibres, and particularly in carpet which is considered a luxury material.

Most Durable Pile Types Used in Carpets

Carpets are manufactured in different pile types, or different weaves, each with different durability benefits. The most common of these pile types are twist, loop, and Saxony piles.

Twist Pile

Twist pile carpets are generally inexpensive, but sometimes quickly lose the twist which separates each carpet yarn, resulting in matting and a slightly frayed look. Shoppers looking for durable twist pile carpets should consider carpets with a very tight twist. At a minimum, buyers should look for carpets with two twists per centimetre. Twist pile carpets are available in two different varieties: plush and textured plush. Plush twist pile carpets align the twisted yarns with the twist falling in the same direction, while textured plush varieties mix yarns which twist in different directions.

Loop Pile

Loop pile carpets, sometimes called Berber carpets, feature yarns looped through the carpet backing, rather than single yarns with one end facing upward. Because loop pile carpets often feature a higher density and are more difficult to manufacture, they are often more expensive than twist pile carpet varieties. According to the Carpet and Rug Institute, carpets featuring smaller, tighter loops are likely to be more durable options than those with looser or larger loops.

Saxony Pile

Saxony pile carpets are carpets which are manufactured in the loop fashion, but the ends of the loops are then sheared off, giving these carpets an appearance similar to twist pile carpets. However, these carpets, being woven in the denser loop fashion, have a superior, plusher feel to most twist pile carpets. Because of that additional density, Saxony pile carpets are likely to offer buyers superior durability and performance. Unfortunately, they are oftentimes prohibitively expensive compared to carpets manufactured in the other pile types.

Different Durable Carpet Densities

Different carpets are woven at different densities, meaning they have a different amount of yarns per square metre. In general, a more durable carpet features higher densities, and shoppers looking to purchase a durable carpet should look for a yarn density of at least 1,500 yarns per metre, though a carpet with a density of 2,000 or more is ideal. This higher yarn count not only helps a carpet resist crushing, but helps it to block out dirt and other stains.

In addition to being more durable, a high-density carpet usually feels plusher and thicker than a lower density carpet. A higher density carpet is more expensive than a lower density alternative as a rule of thumb, but a high-density carpet is still found for a good value.

Check a Carpet's Performance Appearance Rating

If potential buyers cannot find out the details of a carpet's fibre content or construction, one way to check its potential durability is to check its performance appearance rating, or PAR. A carpet's PAR rating combines details about its fibre content, density, stain resistance, and construction. A high PAR constitutes a four or a five, and is what shoppers should look for to find a very durable carpet. A carpet with a lower PAR score is unlikely to last longer in high-traffic areas.

Unfortunately, not all carpets are given a PAR rating, or it may not be listed on an item's information sheet. Shoppers should always inquire about a carpet's PAR rating from the carpet seller.

Buying Durable Carpet on eBay

Buying carpet on eBay helps some shoppers attain high-quality materials at bargain rates. To begin the hunt for long-lasting and durable carpet, first go to the eBay homepage and locate the search bar there. The search bar is also found on each of eBay's internal pages. Click on the search bar and type in the words which describe the carpet you are looking to purchase. You should include the desired colours and materials in your search as well. A few good examples include "durable green carpet" or "brown wool carpet". Press enter when you have finished typing; this will return the search results, featuring each of the eBay listings which match.

From there, you can select to organise or refine your search based on a variety of factors. You can select options to see carpets which feature only certain colours or materials, or you can choose to see the cheapest options or those nearest in proximity to your location first.


The most durable carpets are often low-pile carpets which are manufactured using synthetic fibres or synthetic and wool fibre blends. They come both in rolls and tiles, which vary greatly in terms of cost and ease of application. Shoppers looking to clad spaces in durable carpets with little care of the final appearance may wish to consider purchasing carpet tile end lots, which are had at steep discounts and easy to install. Those looking for attractive and durable carpets should begin their carpet shopping with the understanding that these options are likely to be fairly costly compared to less durable selections.

Whatever variety of durable carpet you are shopping for, beginning the hunt on websites such as eBay serves to save substantially vs. the cost of shopping at more traditional retail stores. Shopping online also saves a considerable amount of time and allows you to browse different products from the comfort of home.

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