Your Guide to Buying Game Boy Advance Games

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Your Guide to Buying Game Boy Advance Games

Despite production ending in 2004, the Nintendo Game Boy Advance still has fans of this popular handheld gaming device. As an older console, Game Boy Advance games sell for much cheaper than modern games, with bundles providing hours upon hours of affordable entertainment. Thus, this makes it much easier on the wallet for you to switch from a fast-paced racing game, to an RPG game, to an adventure game anytime boredom sets in.


Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Mario Kart captured the hearts of racing fans in 1994, so Nintendo has continued to make a version of the game for each console that they release. In Mario Kart: Super Circuit, players race around creative tracks and gather boosts and unique weapons, such as banana peels, to take out the other racers. Pick from any of your favourite Nintendo characters, such as Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, or Yoshi, and race to first place.


Golden Sun

Golden sun was such a success for the Game Boy Advance that a sequel came out. You start out as Isaac, a swordsman living in a small town. When a huge storm forces you to flee to safety, you find yourself with the responsibility of saving the village. You must gather allies along the way and fight battles throughout the game to prevent the forces of darkness from retrieving the lost art of alchemy.



With around 34 million sales around the world as of 2014, the Pokemon Advance games beat out the others by a very large margin. You even have the option of purchasing older versions of the video game, such as Pokemon Red, and newer sequels, such as Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Fire Red. The games all have the same principle, but you start out in different worlds with different sets of Pokemon. With a starter Pokemon on your hands and a large map filled with places to visit, you travel all over to catch more and train them to become stronger and learn new moves to become the ultimate Pokemon trainer.


Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland

When King DeDeDe steals the Star Wand from Dream Land, it is up to Kirby, the pink ball with tiny arms to recover it. The King has broken the wand up into five pieces and placed each one in the hands of his minions. You have to find your way through maps to the bosses at the end of the levels, but along the way, you can steal the powers from your enemies by sucking them in. The powers only last so long, but it helps you destroy everyone in your path and recover the Star Wand pieces.

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